Logos 6.3 SR-2

Logos Now

Items in this section are available with a Logos Now subscription. Improvements and bug fixes listed further down are freely available to all users.

Media Browser

Fixed bug that caused Logos Now users to no longer see the “Logos Training Videos”.



Added information of your licenses for Logos/Verbum Now and Cloud, listed in the About Logos panel next to your base package information.

Home Page

Added a “Faithlife News” section to the Home Page options, which provides items from Faithlife News.
Note: This section is only available in the Logos app for now.

The “Faithlife Today” section is now available from the settings dropdown in Verbum, but is off by default.

Bug Fixes


Fixed bug which prevented the application from properly using the /register function for Smart Tags.

Fixed crash that could occur on 32-bit Windows 7 installations when getting results from a Syntax Search. (Thread, Thread)

Logos 6.3 SR-1

Bug Fixes


Fixed potential crash from a completed download folder going missing unexpectedly. (Thread)
Unhiding a resource with “Automatically Download Updates” set to No will now correctly prompt for a resource download. (Thread)


Fixed issue where SBL Hebrew wasn’t displaying properly in Hebrew resources, and a different font was being shown instead.
Fixed issue with the Samaritan Pentateuch symbol not displaying properly in hover tips. (Thread)
Greek/Hebrew/Syriac font preferences should no longer be changed upon updating from 6.2 to 6.3 SR-1, and fixed an issue where they could be set to Default on restart.


Fixed potential crash on launch for Mac users that had changed their default resource font for Hebrew. (Thread)
Fixed Program Scaling issue when switching between Bible and Basic search on Mac when the text slider and/or Program Scaling were set to something other than 100%. (Thread)

Smart Tags

Fixed issue with Smart Tags becoming unregistered with the folder changes in Logos 6.3. (Thread)

Logos 6.3

As part of the 6.3 update, there have been changes to installed components:


Fonts are no longer installed separately and the Logos Prerequisites have been removed. This should not affect fonts within Logos, as they have been bundled into the application. If you had been using Logos-installed fonts outside of Logos, they will have to be manually installed. See this page for details.

Logos Now

Items in this section are available with a Logos Now subscription. Improvements and bug fixes listed further down are freely available to all users.


Added two new types of concordance: Sense and Biblical Entity.
Added lemma and root concordances to reverse interlinear resources.
Improved the refinement sidebar:

  • Added a “Frequency” refinement, allowing you to filter results by the minimum and/or maximum number of times they appear in a text.
  • The refinement column can now be expanded and collapsed.
  • Added scrolling to the sidebar panel on Mac.

Added options for “Group results by sense” to Concordances by Lemma, and “Group results by lemma” to Concordances by Sense on Mac.
Merged highlighting for adjacent words and words with no alignment. (Thread.)

Known issues:

  • This release adds new concordance types which require the Concordance to regenerate the first time it is run for a resource.
  • The Concordance takes significantly longer to generate, especially for Bibles with Reverse Interlinears. Good news: once it is done generating, there is a lot more interesting data available for concording. We plan to spend some time optimizing generation in a future release.

Grammars Guide Section

The Grammars guide section has been completely redone, and presents information similarly to the Ancient Literature section.

  • In “By Subject” view, grammars are grouped by Type. In “By Resource” view, grammars are organized by language. These groups can be expanded/collapsed.

There is a new “Grammatical Constructions” Guide section backed by the Greek Grammatical Constructions dataset:

  • This subsection provides cross references to the Guide key, sorted by grammatical construction type.

Changing the Settings for the Grammars section will now automatically refresh and update the section, rather than requiring a manual refresh. (Thread)
Added tooltip to definitions to terms in Greek Grammatical Constructions Guide Section.

Media Browser

Video links from the Media Browser should now open properly regardless of what browser they open in. (Thread)
Fixed crash when opening Media Browser offline.

All Logos 6 Users

The following items are available to all Logos 6 customers.



Improved the way resource updates are handled.

  • Resource updates no longer require a restart.
  • Hiding or unhiding a resource no longer requires a restart.
  • When updates are detected with Auto-Update enabled in Program Settings, resources will download and discover automatically. You may see “Preparing library...” in the notification bar. With Auto-Update disabled, you will see a notification with a download link, as before.
  • New resources will show up in the library as they get downloaded and discovered (without having to wait for all downloads to complete).
    • Updated resources will likewise be available for use as they are downloaded and discovered.
  • The “Updated Resources” box on the Home Page will update when resources are downloaded.
  • Resources that are updated while open, as well as application updates, will still require a restart.
  • NOTE: If you are waiting for an update to finish downloading, you will need to leave the application running. Once indexing begins, you can exit the application, and indexing will continue in the background as before.

Searching All Resources, as well as the Collections guide section, will now display thumbnails in courseware resource hits that link to the media resource associated with that course.

  • Example: A hit in the resource text for OT101 will now include a thumbnail to the video for that article in the course.


Restyled the ‘Semantic Roles’ section just like the ‘Referred to As’ section.


Added “By Author” sort to the Journals section of Passage Guide.

Home Page

Added Faithlife Websites option in the settings menu that will enable/disable the three site banners “Bible Screen, Bible Study Magazine and Faithlife TV” on the Home Page sidebar.


Improved the panel for editing and tagging multiple selected resources:

  • Replaced the old tagging editor with the newer one, to match single resource tagging.
  • Added a section that lists all tags applied to the selected resources, with a count for each tag.
    • Hovering over the tag gives the option to “Apply to all” or delete that tag.
    • There is an “Advanced” section, which gives the option to Unify tags (apply all tags to all selected resources) or Clear all tags.
  • Added “Save as Collection” and “Save as Bibliography” options to the panel.
  • Series and Devices are now collapsible sections.

Personal Book Builder

Made changes to the PB list view to more closely match Library:

  • Removed the blue selection border on the left
  • Books now have a light blue background when the mouse is hovered over
  • Selected books now have a darker blue background to differentiate from the rest of the list

Resource Information

Added the reading progress completion circle and percentage description to the Resource Info panel.


Improved performance of opening resources in a Series, by preventing the opening of resources that can’t be used for navigation. (Thread)

Reduced the amount of time it takes for search results with a large number of hits to display, which was also freezing the UI. (Thread)

  • Example: Expanding the Library Results section of a Basic Search for <Topic Love> went from ~4 seconds to <1 second on Windows (Mac was already faster).

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Sparkline segments will now highlight on mouse-over.
Fixed bug that caused the sum of counts in the Sense section to not match the total.
Fixed issue where the Septuagint Translation section did not show all results.

Exegetical Guide

Fixed bug that caused ‘The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible’ to not appear in the Visualizations section for searches in Malachi or Isaiah.


Fixed regression which caused some “Referred to as” headings to be listed twice. (Thread)
Fixed bug that incorrectly prioritized the suggestion list for “Ahaziah (king of Israel)”. (Thread.)
Fixed crash when collapsing the Semantic Roles section was article was loading on Windows.
Fixed bug that caused the text in the Respond box in the See Also section to not wrap on Mac. (Thread.)
Text entered into the Respond box will now be able to be dropped to a new line via return key on Mac. (Thread.)


The Ancient Literature section will now default to dispaying by Work, rather than Type.

  • Note: Currently changing the setting to Type will not be saved between guides. Running a new guide will go back to displaying by Work.

Home Page

Fixed issue which could prevent content from appearing properly in the Home Page when Excerpts or similar items were unchecked. (Thread, Thread, Thread)
Fixed issue which prevented lectionaries with non-Bible references (including Daf Yomi) from opening properly from the Home Page sidebar.
Change the wording from “done” to “Prayers are completed for today!”.

Fixed bug that caused the Notes markup to sometimes not be applied to Inline Search results. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that caused the LLS:FSB dynamic translation resource to not save in a Layout. (Thread.)


Fixed issue where double-clicking on a resource to open it in Cover view on Mac did not properly focus the newly opened resource. (Thread)
The Information panel in the Library will no longer collapse resource descriptions which had been expanded (clicked the “more >” link) when adding tags, ratings, etc. This fixes a regression introduced in 6.2. (Thread)
Fixed bug that caused text in expanders in resource info panel to be missing on Mac.
Fixed bug when clicking doesn’t expand/collapse Resource Information sections on Mac.

LLS Resources

Fixed crash when app tried to opening a resource with version X, got version Y.


Fixed bug where the resource picker separators would be clipped when program scaling was set to 150%.
Added a potential fix for an issue where some users were not able to type in the reference box on Mac. (Thread, Thread, Thread)
Fixed crash when clicking on the main app window while Report Typo dialog was opened. (Thread.)
Fixed issue where Search results were displayed incorrectly when Default Resource Text Size was set above 100%. (Thread)


Added words that are common to Bible dictionaries, such as “Semi-Pelagianism”, or “soteriology” to the Logos spell-check dictionaries. (Thread.)
When adding a note it will now default to the language set on the default rich text editor instead of the application UI language.
Fixed crash when saving a pdf file from resource LLS:CLVSBBLCSPRCNSJ.

Personal Book Builder

The “Stop” button when uploading a Personal Book now correctly stops the upload process.

  • Added an “Upload canceled” error message when stopping an upload.

Attempting to upload a PB that has already been uploaded will now give a useful error message, rather than showing a blank progress bar.
Fixed issue where the Personal Book Builder would not rebuild an open book on Mac. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the cover images for Personal Books to be faded on Mac.
Fixed issue where the list of PBs in the Personal Books tool would remain filtered even after the Find box was closed. (Thread)


Fixed bug that caused the Print Preview to be blank when selecting the last options from table of contents. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the Print/Export panel to display 100 pages when there was only 6 pages in the section in LLS:RWBBLSTMETH.

Reading Plan Document

Fixed bug that caused the “365-Day Connect the Testaments Plan” to skip Chapter 3 of Deuteronomy.

Resource Panel

A single-click in the reference text box will now automatically select all the text on Mac. (Thread and Thread.)
Fixed bug that prevented text to be entered after navigating to the Reference box using Cmd+G on Mac.

In Bible Search when viewing the results in Grid view, the no results icon is now shown on Mac.

Sentence Diagrammer

Fixed bug that caused Sentence Diagram tools to disappear at various operating system scales on Windows.


When clicking “Reset Defaults” in Program Settings, the “At Startup Open to” now correctly defaults to Home Page.


Update notification icon no longer looks like a warning. (Thread and Thread.)

Visual Copy

Fixed issue which was causing author-specific slides and those with author fields to not be at the top of the list. (Thread)
Opening Visual Copy with a text range from the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive no longer opens up the Timothy Keller “The Reason for God” smart media. (Thread.)

Visual Filters

Fixed issue where Propositional Outlines weren’t displaying properly when Bible Text Only’s “One verse per line” option was enabled.

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