Logos 6.3 RC 2

Logos 6.3 RC 2 ( was released on May 13, 2015.

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Grammatical Grammars Section

Added tooltip to definitions to terms in Greek Grammatical Constructions Guide Section.

Bug Fixes

Exegetical Guide

Fixed bug that caused ‘The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible’ to not appear in the Visualizations section for searches in Malachi or Isaiah.


Fixed bug that caused text in expanders in resource info panel to be missing on Mac.
Fixed bug when clicking doesn’t expand/collapse Resource Information sections on Mac.

LLS Resources

Fixed crash when app tried to opening a resource with version X, got version Y. (Thread.)


Fixed issue that could cause Windows to use all physical memory during index merging (Thread.)

Reading Plan Document

Fixed bug that caused the “365-Day Connect the Testaments Plan” to skip Chapter 3 of Deuteronomy.


Changed the Search Panel notification icon to better indicate what is happening, “Some search results may be missing or incorrect while your library is being updated”. (Thread.)
Update notification icon no longer looks like a warning. (Thread and Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused auto-updates to be blocked after canceling a download. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the application update messages to not be displayed in home page’s notification bar. (Thread.)

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