Logos 6.3 Beta 5

Logos 6.3 Beta 5 ( was released on May 6, 2015.

Logos Now

Media Browser

Video links from the Media Browser should now open properly regardless of what browser they open in. (Thread)

Bug Fixes


Pausing an indexing process will no longer display both the “Indexing” and “Indexing is paused” notifications. (Thread)

Exegetical Guide

Fixed bug where the Word by Word section did not use the SBL Hebrew font.


Fixed bug that caused the text in the Respond box in the See Also section to not wrap on Mac. (Thread.)

Text entered into the Respond box will now be able to be dropped to a new line via return key on Mac. (Thread.)

Home Page

Fixed an issue which could cause the “Installed 6.x” notification on the Home Page to not display on Windows. (Thread)


Fixed crash when opening Media Browser offline.


Added a potential fix for an issue where some users were not able to type in the reference box on Mac. (Thread, Thread, Thread)
Fixed crash when clicking on the main app window while Report Typo dialog was opened. (Thread.)
Fixed issue where Search results were displayed incorrectly when Default Resource Text Size was set above 100%. (Thread)
Fixed issue where the Logos splash screen could appear over the active application when clicking the second Dock icon (removed) or navigating via Spotlight with Logos open. (Thread)

Personal Books

Fixed issue where the list of PBs in the Personal Books tool would remain filtered even after the Find box was closed. (Thread)


Fixed bug that caused the Print/Export panel to display 100 pages when there was only 6 pages in the section in LLS:RWBBLSTMETH.

Program Settings

Changing the “Automatically download updates” preference now correctly displays the notification when there are updates pending. (Thread)
Changing the above setting with a download window specified will no longer trigger a download outside of that time window. (Thread)

Fixed crash when navigating parallel resources with a Search visual filter enabled. (Thread)

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