Logos 6.3 Beta 3

Logos 6.3 Beta 3 ( was released on April 27, 2015.

Logos Now


Added options for “Group results by sense” to Concordances by Lemma, and “Group results by lemma” to Concordances by Sense on Mac.

Known issues:

  • This release adds new data which require the Concordance to regenerate the first time it is run for a resource.

Grammars Guide Section

Changing the Settings for the Grammars section will now automatically refresh and update the section, rather than requiring a manual refresh. (Thread)



Improved performance of opening resources in a Series, by preventing the opening of resources that can’t be used for navigation. (Thread)

Reduced the amount of time it takes for search results with a large number of hits to display, which was also freezing the UI. (Thread)

  • Example: Expanding the Library Results section of a Basic Search for <Topic Love> went from ~4 seconds to <1 second on Windows (Mac was already faster).

Bug Fixes


Fixed issue which caused canceled downloads to restart when automatic downloads were enabled.
Updates waiting to download will again respect the setting for “Show the Notification Bar”. (Thread)
The tooltip for the notification icon in the top-right of the main window will now display all notifications when there are multiple, rather than just the highest priority. (Thread)

Known Issues:

  • Clicking the notification hyperlink to restart the application does nothing (you can manually close and relaunch the application).
  • When updating the application on Windows, the splash screen will pop up over the app, with a dialog box over the splash screen.


Fixed bug that incorrectly prioritized the suggestion list for “Ahaziah (king of Israel)”. (Thread.)


The Ancient Literature section will now default to dispaying by Work, rather than Type. (Thread)

  • Note: Currently changing the setting to Type will not be saved between guides. Running a new guide will go back to displaying by Work.

Home Page

Fixed issue which prevented lectionaries with non-Bible references (including Daf Yomi) from opening properly from the Home Page sidebar. (Thread, Thread)
Fixed bug that showed the resource count but did not list the resource name in the update menu. (Thread.)


Fixed crash when reloading a layout with an active search on Windows. (Thread and Thread.)


Fixed issue where double-clicking on a resource to open it in Cover view on Mac did not properly focus the newly opened resource. (Thread)
The Information panel in the Library will no longer collapse resource descriptions which had been expanded (clicked the “more >” link) when adding tags, ratings, etc. This fixes a regression introduced in 6.2. (Thread)


Resource previews (from opening links to unowned resources, or from Bookstore) once again display properly on Mac. (Thread)
Fixed bug where the resource picker separators would be clipped when program scaling was set to 150%.

Personal Book Builder

Fixed issue where the Personal Book Builder would not rebuild an open book on Mac. (Thread.)

Resource Panel

A single-click in the reference text box will now automatically select all the text on Mac. (Thread and Thread.)

Fixed crash running a Clause search in LHB for “subject:Angel of the Lord verb:say; to say, mention, think, command” on Windows. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that caused the resource to not index if it was downloaded during indexing. (Thread and Thread.)

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