Logos 6.2 Beta 4

Logos 6.2 Beta 4 ( was released on March 23, 2015.

Bug Fixes


Added a “more” link after 3 results for each section in Semantic Roles, that adds 15 more results until all are shown.
Fixed issue where passages spanning multiple lines were too close vertically to the next passage.


Fixed the spacing in the Music section on Mac.
Added back the missing search hyperlink in Music section on Windows.

My Library

Fixed bug that did now allow the resource order in the Prioritized menu to be rearranged on Mac. (Thread.)

Read Aloud

Fixed bug that caused the NT331MOO resource position to not update while reading aloud on Windows.

Resource Panel

Fixed bug that caused the verse number rendering to be incorrect in Hebrew Bibles on Mac. Instead of 10, 11, 12, etc. it showed 01, 11, 21, etc.

Search Panel

Fixed bug that caused the results page links to disappear after clicking on them in Media Search on Mac.
Lemma suggestions in the autocompleter will now provide the correct morphology. (Thread.)

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