Logos 6.2 Beta 3

Logos 6.2 Beta 3 ( was released on March 16, 2015.


Home Page

Added specialized rendering for most recent Faithlife Today post.

Made Inline Search available for all Logos 6 users, including those using the free core engine.

Logos Media

The “Logos Media Library” section in Media Search, Guides, Atlas, etc. has been renamed to “Media Collections” to clarify its purpose between Logos and Verbum.

Prayer Lists

Made Prayer Lists available for all Logos 6 users, including those using the free core engine.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that caused the Search link in the Phrases section to return zero results.

Exegetical Guide

Fixed crash in when running a search for Esther 1:1 with the Textual Variants section open.


Clicking “more” in Commentaries section should no longer load slow with large libraries. (Thread.)


Exporting images from ‘Biblical Places Maps’ will no longer have a thick white border on Mac.

LLS Resources

Fixed bug that did not “Add a clipping” in LLS:12MOSUNA. (Thread.)


Fixed issue preventing Mac users from adding files from Finder into the Shortcut Bar. (Thread)
Removed “Search In” text from resource picker.

Read Aloud

Fixed bug that caused David Cochran Heath Narrator to skip chapters when reading on Mac. (Thread and Thread.)

Search Panel

“Logos Media Library” section has been renamed to “Media Collections”.

Send to Kindle

Fixed issue where having a Kindle email set up would not show the Devices column in Resource Info/Library Info if no mobile apps were configured (or if an error prevented them from appearing). (Thread)

Visual Copy

Fixed bug that caused the sharing buttons to be disabled when opening a media item from Search.

  • There is still some media that is not sharable for copyright reasons.

Known Issues


The first line in the dropdown from the Autocompleter in Guides flashes when loading on Mac 10.9 (not 10.10).

In Media Search after clicking on the page links in Media Collections and Online Results sections, the page links disappear on Mac.

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