Logos 6.2 Beta 2

Logos 6.2 Beta 2 ( was released on March 9, 2015.



Added a collapsible Media section. (Thread.)
Added Semantic Roles section.

Home Page

The “Getting Started” Home Page item will now automatically be deselected when the tile expires after 7 days. Re-enabling it will permanently add the section to the Home Page.


Added new lemma data for Aramaic language in Bible Word Study and Morph Search.

Visual Copy

Added square media ratio 1:1 for Visual Copy.

Bug Fixes

Home Page

Fixed bug that caused the ring graph to be aligned incorrectly in the Courses section.


Fixed numerous crashes in various areas in the application that had been reported by our automatic crash logging. Such as crashes preventing proper shutdown due to corrupt search index files.

Media Resources

Fixed crash when navigating to the next image in a media resource and while it is animating closing the tab on Windows.

My Library

Audio icon is no longer misaligned on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the “Add tag” text in the tagging box in Resource Information panel to not be displayed. (Thread , Thread and Thread.)


Fixed issue where hitting Shift-Enter on Windows would not enter a line break properly, and could crash the application. (Thread)

Added back the “Topic” section in Basic Search. (Thread.)

Visual Copy

Opening Visual Copy with a text range from the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive (LLS:TMKLLRSRMNRCHVJ) will no longer open up the Timothy Keller “The Reason for God” smart media. (Thread.)
Multi-line paste is now supported in “Body Text” textbox. (Thread.)

Visual Filters

Fixed bug that would cause the propositional outlines to break on a line with a no-break space character.

Known Issues

Bible Word Study

The Lemmas section of BWS shows the number of unique verses in your preferred RI(s) that contain at least one translation of this lemma, instead of the number of instances of this lemma in the original manuscripts. (Thread)


The Clause Search for Semantic Roles section does not show the same number of results as in Factbook.

Visual Copy

Some of the templates incorrectly shows duplicate 4:3 ratios when they should be showing “4:3, 16:9 and 1:1”.

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