Logos 6.2



Added a collapsible Media section. (Thread.)
Added Semantic Roles section.

Home Page

Added the ability to select individual Prayer Lists and Reading Plans for the Sidebar, and to rearrange them individually. This restores the 5.2b behavior.
Courses in the Sidebar are now sorted in the order of most recently opened.
Reading progress wheels have been added next to the titles in the Courses section of the Sidebar.
The “Getting Started” Home Page item will now automatically be deselected when the tile expires after 7 days. Re-enabling it will permanently add the section to the Home Page.
Added specialized rendering to place the most recent Faithlife Today post higher on the Home Page. Note: Faithlife Today is available only in Logos apps, not Noet or Verbum.

Made Inline Search available for all Logos 6 users, including those using the free core engine.


Added new lemma data for Aramaic language in Bible Word Study and Morph Search.


Shift-clicking a link will open that link in a new floating window. Works on most application links, but not resource links, or links from Verse, Aligned, Analyis view in Search.

Logos Media

The “Logos Media Library” section in Media Search, Guides, Atlas, etc. has been renamed to “Media Collections” to clarify its purpose between Logos and Verbum.

Prayer Lists

Made Prayer Lists available for all Logos 6 users, including those using the free core engine.

Resource Information

The Information panel in the Library and from clicking the ? in the top-right corner of a resource panel have been redesigned.

  • The sections are now structured similarly to Guides, with collapsible and expandable sections.
  • The section headers have a right-click menu, including Expand/Collapse, Expand All/Collapse All, and for applicable sections, Copy.
  • The title and short title of a resource can be edited directly from either Information panel.

Sermon Starter Guide

Sermons are now sorted into collapsible groups by author, listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Visual Copy

Added square media ratio 1:1 for Visual Copy.

Visual Filters

The “Links to open panels” visual filter has been renamed “Emphasize active references” to clarify the purpose of the filter.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed crash on Mac expanding the Senses section on a BWS for אֲבַדֹּה.
The number shown in the Verses section will now be the number of unique verses in your preferred RI that contain a translation of this lemma. (Thread)
Fixed bug that caused the Search link in the Phrases section to return zero results.
Fixed bug when changing the selected resource for the Translation section would not update the count next to the sparkline graph on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the Lemma and Translation section to show the number of verses instead of showing the number of instances. (Thread and Thread.)

Context Menu

Fixed bug that did not select the first expanded lemma tab in the Context Menu.

Exegetical Guide

Fixed crash in when running a search for Esther 1:1 with the Textual Variants section open.


Added a “more” link after 3 results for each section in Semantic Roles, that adds 15 more results until all are shown.
Fixed issue where passages spanning multiple lines were too close vertically to the next passage.
Fixed issue where notable People and Named Texts did not have a Media section, a regression from 6.1.


Clicking “more” in Commentaries section should no longer load slow with large libraries. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the Courses section settings to shows a duplicate courses view rather than the actual settings.
Fixed the spacing in the Music section on Mac.
Added back the missing search hyperlink in Music section on Windows.
The Speaker headings in the Sermons section will now be collapsed by default.

Home Page

Added tooltips on the icons (Faithlife, Facebook, Twitter, Email) in the Verse of the Day tile on the Home Page.
Fixed bug that caused the ring graph to be aligned incorrectly in the Courses section.


Fixed bug that caused the indexer to not complete when certain resources were open.


Exporting images from ‘Biblical Places Maps’ will no longer have a thick white border on Mac.

LLS Resources

Fixed bug that did not “Add a clipping” in LLS:12MOSUNA. (Thread.)


Fixed numerous crashes in various areas in the application that had been reported by our automatic crash logging. Such as crashes preventing proper shutdown due to corrupt search index files.
Fixed issue preventing Mac users from adding files from Finder into the Shortcut Bar. (Thread)
Removed “Search In” text from resource picker.

Media Resources

Fixed bug that caused the MIDI files in the Logos Hymnal Media Resource to not work on Mac. (Thread and Thread.)
Fixed crash when navigating to the next image in a media resource and while it is animating closing the tab on Windows.

Mobile Ed

Fixed bug that caused the Mobile Ed Videos to open in separate tabs. (Thread.)

My Library

Audio icon is no longer misaligned on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the “Add tag” text in the tagging box in Resource Information panel to not be displayed. (Thread , Thread and Thread.)
Fixed bug that did now allow the resource order in the Prioritized menu to be rearranged on Mac. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that caused the text in Notes Split view to go behind the scrollbar for one or two characters on Mac. (Thread.)
Fixed issue where hitting Shift-Enter on Windows would not enter a line break properly, and could crash the application. (Thread)


Fixed issue where the size of printed/exported text didn’t increase or decrease to match the Text Size slider setting in resources. (Thread)

Read Aloud

Fixed bug that caused David Cochran Heath Narrator to skip chapters when reading on Mac. (Thread and Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the NT331MOO resource position to not update while reading aloud on Windows.
Fixed crash in ESV when resource columns are set to anything other than “None” while reading aloud with David Cochran Heath set as the narrator. (Thread)

Reading Plans

Fixed issue where the “Stop Reading” visual filter for Reading Plans would not appear properly (notably in the DIY Reading Plan). (Thread, Thread)

Resource Interlinear

The Sense ribbon will now be included in the Reverse Interlinear by default. If you have modified this setting in the past, it will be unchanged.

Resource Panel

Fixed crash when closing the panel of Biblical People Diagrams or Biblical Places Maps before the hover tip appears on Windows.
Fixed bug that caused the verse number rendering to be incorrect in Hebrew Bibles on Mac. Instead of 10, 11, 12, etc. it showed 01, 11, 21, etc.

Fixed issue where Clause Search logical operators would fail when used multiple times in a query. (Thread)
Added back the “Topic” section in Basic Search. (Thread.)
“Logos Media Library” section has been renamed to “Media Collections”.
Fixed bug that caused the results page links to disappear after clicking on them in Media Search on Mac.
Lemma suggestions in the autocompleter will now provide the correct morphology. (Thread.)
Fixed crash when running a Clause Search containing a morph term with a [*] field. (Thread.)

Send to Kindle

Fixed issue where having a Kindle email set up would not show the Devices column in Resource Info/Library Info if no mobile apps were configured (or if an error prevented them from appearing). (Thread)

Visual Copy

Opening Visual Copy with a text range from the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive (LLS:TMKLLRSRMNRCHVJ) will no longer open up the Timothy Keller “The Reason for God” smart media. (Thread.)
Multi-line paste is now supported in “Body Text” textbox. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the sharing buttons to be disabled when opening a media item from Search.

  • There is still some media that is not sharable for copyright reasons.

Visual Filters

Fixed bug that would cause the propositional outlines to break on a line with a no-break space character.

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