Logos 6.1 RC 1

Logos 6.1 RC 1 ( was released on February 17, 2015.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that caused non-biblical lemmas to appear in the lemma dropdown.
Fixed crash opening Bible Word Study to the word קֶשֶׁר “conspiracy” on Mac. (Thread.)

Home Page

Fixed crash when shutting down the app while generating the home page.


Tools menu will now show best interactive for current language. (Thread.)


Fixed crash when dragging a note with a label between documents. (Thread.)

Personal Books

Restored blue highlighting to list of Personal Books on Mac.

  • Mousing over a personal book in the list view should show a light blue highlight.
  • Clicking on a personal book in the list view should edit it and bring a darker blue highlight.

Reading Plan

Fixed crash when generating a reading plan with no reference.

Resource Panel

Fixed bug that caused the verse numbers to disappear on hover but reappear when the resource is clicked in the OpenText and Cascadia clause visualizer resources. (Thread.)
Removed the boxes that were showing in the text in Afsyntaxgraphs. (Thread.)

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