Logos 6.1 Beta 3

Logos 6.1 Beta 3 ( was released on January 26, 2015.

Bug Fixes


Fixed bug that did not give the option to delete individual commentaries in Guides on Mac.
Fixed crash caused by closing the Guide panel after adding a section from the “Add Section” button on Mac.


Fixed bug that caused the readings in Lectionary resources to not display verse numbers. (Thread.)

Personal Book Builder

Date datatypes in Personal Books will now correctly generate Timeline flags, and enable the Timeline Events visual filter.
Fixed bug that caused the Hebrew text in personal books to render as squares on Mac.
Hebrew words will now correctly import from Word to Personal Books:

  • Hebrew words will no longer be shown as reversed from its appearance in the Word document on Windows.
  • Hebrew words will now appear in the correct place in the document, not at the end of the sentence on Mac.


Exporting a Word List to Excel will no longer give an invalid column type for Count. (Thread.)
Opening Print/Export from a media resource such as Faithlife Study Bible Infographics will no longer cause app to crash on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the Excel to not appear after exporting data. (Thread.)

Read Aloud

Fixe bug when navigating to different locations in resource while Read Aloud was playing would cause the Narrator to duplicate on Mac 10.10. (Thread.)

Search Panel Morph

Clicking the Hebrew lemmas in the headers of Analysis view will now correclty open the lemma in a Bible Word Study panel on Mac.

Sermon Starter Guide

Selecting to search within a resource in the Collections section will now open the Search panel using the correct search syntax.

Syntax Graphs

Fixed crash which could occur after moving a clause visualization resource and changing the reference. (Thread)

Visual Copy

The last chosen aspect ratio will now be remembered in Visual Copy. (Thread.)


Fixed issue where Citations text was cut off in small panel widths, rather than wrapping.

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