Logos 6.12 Beta 1

Logos 6.12 Beta 1 ( was released on April 25, 2016.

Logos Now

Narrative Character Maps Vol 2

Added the Jacob character map.


Septuagint Manuscript Explorer

Updated the Rahlfs M manuscript entry content and URL. Added additional Vatican Manuscript URLs to other manuscript entries.

Bug Fixes

Emphasize Active Lemmas visual filter

The visual filter now works in guest resources of a multi-resource panel. (Thread)


Fixed data issue with Biblical Entities in the KJV1900 Concordance. Note that if you already generated a KJV1900 concordance with the problem, then the concordance will need to be regenerated. This may be accomplished by generating 10 other concordances, then generating a KJV1900 again. (An advanced way is to delete the KJV1900 concordance file from disk.)

Improve efficiency of Resource Picker in Concordance.


Fixed an issue causing the courses tool to link the wrong video with the current text position. (Thread)

New Features

SoundFaith Guide Section

Replaces sermons.logos.com. Appears in Passage Guide on a key verse, and in Topic Guide on a key topic, in Sermon Starter Guide on a sermon theme.


Media Resources

Added ability to turn off auto-advance while playing a media resource.

Bug Fixes

F7 Quick Text Comparison

Text in different languages will no longer show differences.

Text selection

Fixed an issue that caused selected text to sometimes leave gaps in the highlighting. Thread

Chinese UI

“type:Bible” will no longer show Bible Commentaries in library or collections.


Updated to SQLite 3.12.1

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