Logos 6.11 Beta 3

Logos 6.11 Beta 3 ( was released on March 21, 2016.

Logos Now

Courses Tool

Added a progress indicator in the table of contents for Courses. This new feature currently updates based on the reading done not on the videos watched (this should be included in the next beta). The progress updates in the table of contents within 2 mins of reading that section. An empty green circle indicates that this segment is partially completed. A green circle with a white check mark indicates that this segment is completed.

Narrative Character Maps Vol 2

Added the Jesus: Holy Week character map.

Updated search suggestions to reflect recently added data searches.

Bug Fixes

Courses Tool

Fixed a bug where an invalid course caused the program to crash.


Fixed a bug where the software wouldn’t respect local computer time when searching for updated date. (Thread, Thread)

Miracles of the Bible

Fixed typo from benefactor to beneficiary. (Thread)

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening a Lexicon and having two of the resource already open, like a Bible. (Thread)

Speaking to God

Fixed typos in the about section. (Thread)
Updated the interactive so God and Jesus won’t appear in the Speaker facet unless they actually have reported speech in the main speaker speech. (Thread)


Visual Filters

Improved performance of Speaker and Addressee labels visual filters.

Bug Fixes

Commandments of the Law Interactive

Fixed a sorting bug where the alphabetical sort wasn’t ignoring the leading A or An for a given facet.
Fixed a typo for P201 that erroneously included DT 23:26 when it should have only been DT 23:24-25.


Fixed a bug where PS 31:9-16 would automatically link to two different references. (Thread, Thread)

Program Scaling

Fixed a bug where opening the Visual Filter window in a resource causes a spike in processor usage which didn’t decrease until the Visual Filter window was closed on Mac.

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