Logos 6.11 Beta 1

Logos 6.11 Beta 1 ( was released on March 14, 2016.

Logos Now

Bible Word Study

When a Bible Word Study and a Bible are in the same linkset, and you have left clicked on a word in the surface text of the Bible, the Bible Word Study will search for the clicked word.

Visual Filter

Emphasize Active Lemma is a visual filter that highlights all instances of the active lemma in other panels on screen.

New Features

Personal Book Builder

Personal Books now supports ref.ly links.

Resource Panel

Ref.ly links that are pasted in the Command Box are now parsed.

Added the ability for a Bible Word Study to follow a Bible on the same Link Set when left-clicking a word.


Ask the Author

Fixed bug that caused multiple adjacent “Ask the Author” bubbles to appear before book headings/references in resources.

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that caused a hang when opening a guide with a case frame ring graph that had a large number of segments. (Thread.)

Cited By

Fixed bug when Cited By section would incorrectly return more results than searching.

Copy Bible Verses

Fixed a bug where copying and pasting changed the font from SBL Hebrew to Times New Roman on Windows (Thread, Thread)


Fixed bug that caused the working indicator to disappear while the Factbook sections were still loading.


Fixed bug that caused the Locator Bar in resource to disappear when navigating from one layout to another. (Thread.)

Panel Linking

Fixed bug that caused the Bible to Lexicon panel linking to fail.

Fixed crash when typing “h:šlḥ” in the Search box.

Visual Filters

Fixed bug that displayed the incorrect label when Propositional outline items span multiple verses. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the Propositional outline labels to sometimes get inserted in the middle of Bible text.

Known Issues

Currently there is a bug in the Mac indexer that was reintroduced in Beta 1. This will be resolved in Beta 2.

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