Logos 6.11

Known issues

Since 6.11 was released we have become aware of a crash on launch for Mac OS 10.9 users. We are actively investigating this issue and will release an update as soon as we have one. In the meantime we’ve restricted the update so it won’t download or install for users on the affected operating system. We do not recommend that you manually download the 10.11 installer if you are on Mac OS 10.9.

Logos Now

Items in this section are available with a Logos Now subscription. Improvements and bug fixes listed further down are freely available to all users.

Bible Word Study

When a Bible Word Study and a Bible are in the same linkset, and you have left clicked on a word in the surface text of the Bible, the Bible Word Study will search for the clicked word.

Cascadia Syntax Graphs of the Septuagint Deuterocanon/Apocrypha

A syntax graph visualization resource and a searchable syntax database with a syntactic analysis of the Septuagint Deuterocanon and Apocryphal books. Uses the existing Cascadia schema applied to the Deuterocanonical/Apocryphal books. Thread

Courses tool

Added a progress indicator in the table of contents for Courses. This new feature currently updates based on the reading done and the videos watched. The progress updates in the table of contents within 2 mins of reading that section. An empty green circle indicates that this segment is partially completed. A green circle with a white check mark indicates that this segment is completed. Progress can be marked or reset in the Courses Panel via right click on a Table of Contents entry or clicking on the progress toolbar icon, and from the information view of a resource.

Narrative Character Maps Vol 2

Added the Jesus: Holy Week character map.

Updated search suggestions to reflect recently added data searches.

Visual Filter

Emphasize Active Lemma is a visual filter that highlights all instances of the active lemma in other panels on screen. Thread

Bug Fixes

Courses tool

Fixed a bug where an invalid course caused the program to crash.
Corrected an issue that caused the courses tool to sometimes pick the wrong video to play. Thread


Fixed a bug where the software wouldn’t respect local computer time when searching for updated date. (Thread, Thread)

Miracles of the Bible

Fixed typo from benefactor to beneficiary. (Thread)

New Testament use of the Old Testament Interactive

Fixed a bug where the Hebrew references were not displayed in proper order.

Panel Linking

Fixed bug that caused the Bible to Lexicon panel linking to fail.

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening a Lexicon and having two of the resource already open, like a Bible. (Thread)

Speaking to God

Fixed typos in the about section. (Thread)
Updated the interactive so God and Jesus won’t appear in the Speaker facet unless they actually have reported speech in the main speaker speech. (Thread)

New Features

Personal Book Builder

Personal Books now supports ref.ly links.

Resource Panel

Added the ability for a Bible Word Study to follow a Bible on the same Link Set when left-clicking a word.
Ref.ly links that are pasted in the Command Box are now parsed.


Send to Kindle

Removed Send to Kindle (Thread)


Improved performance of Speaker and Addressee labels visual filters.
Improved performance of {Label} searches.

Bug Fixes

Ask the Author

Fixed bug that caused multiple adjacent “Ask the Author” bubbles to appear before book headings/references in resources.

Bible Outline Browser Interactive

Fixed a bug that prevented the top of the display from being visible when the Text Size Slider is set to the smallest setting. (Thread)

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that caused a hang when opening a guide with a case frame ring graph that had a large number of segments. (Thread.)

Cited By

Fixed bug when Cited By section would incorrectly return more results than searching.

Commandments of the Law Interactive

Fixed a sorting bug where the alphabetical sort wasn’t ignoring the leading A or An for a given facet.
Fixed a typo for P201 that erroneously included DT 23:26 when it should have only been DT 23:24-25.

Copy Bible Verses

Fixed a bug where copying and pasting changed the font from SBL Hebrew to Times New Roman on Windows (Thread, Thread)


Fixed bug that caused the working indicator to disappear while the Factbook sections were still loading.


Fixed a bug causing Highlight styles to not display correctly in the Highlighting panel. (Thread)


Fixed the Mac indexing regression. (Thread)


Fixed bug that caused the Locator Bar in resource to disappear when navigating from one layout to another. (Thread.)


Fixed a bug where the software would hang when dragging and dropping a book to open it when using the cover view.


Fixed a bug where PS 31:9-16 would automatically link to two different references. (Thread, Thread)

Program Scaling

Fixed a bug where opening the Visual Filter window in a resource causes a spike in processor usage which didn’t decrease until the Visual Filter window was closed on Mac.


Fixed a crash causing a NullReferenceException in Pronunciations tool.

Read Aloud

Fixed a crash when the audio player reaches the end of a resource.

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug causing black table backgrounds to be rendered as white. (Thread)
Fixed a bug causing borders around paragraphs to be drawn incorrectly.
Fixed a crash causing a NullReferenceException when lexicon panel linking was enabled.

Fixed crash when typing “h:šlḥ” in the Search box.

Visual Copy

Fixed a crash when Visual Copy is keylinked with another resource and an invalid reference is accessed.

Visual Filters

Fixed bug that displayed the incorrect label when Propositional outline items span multiple verses. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the Propositional outline labels to sometimes get inserted in the middle of Bible text.

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