Logos 6.10 Beta 4

Logos 6.10 Beta 4 ( was released on February 22, 2016.

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Miracles of the Bible

New interactive, Miracles of the Bible, classifies miracles that occur in the Old and New Testaments according to various criteria. It also identifies the agent (doer) and patient (recipient) of the miracle. Other facets include speaker, literary type, and people/places/things also mentioned in the miracle account.

New Testament Use of the Old Testament

Fixed a bug that caused the facet sidebar to sort improperly when selecting the A-Z Filter.

New Features

Updated Morph Search to auto complete when dismissing the selection pop up by pressing; Space Bar, Esc, Tab or clicking outside of the selection box. (Thread)

Bug Fixes

Command Box

Fixed bug where pressing Control+Enter or Control+Shift+Enter, didn’t initiate the advertised search in the command box drop down, Mac only.

Personal Books

Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash when compiling a book. (Thread)

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug where the entry fields for Questions and Answers in the Unseen Realm Q&A Companion were missing on Mac. (Thread)

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