Logos 6.10 Beta 2

Logos 6.10 Beta 2 ( was released on February 8, 2016.

Logos Now

Resource Panel

When a lexicon and a Bible are in the same linkset, and you have left clicked on a word in the surface text of the Bible, the lexicon will navigate to the definition for the associated lemma.

Supplemental Data

Added Miracles Dataset this enables searching for Labels tagged with the Miracle tag.
Added Syntactic Force from the Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament. This enables searching for LSGNT data in other Bibles.
Known issue Currently the right click context menu searching does not work in the LSGNT, the context menu search needs have {Section } removed for the search to proceed. (Thread)

Bug Fixes

New Testament use of the Old Testament Interactive

Fixed a bug where the Hebrew text was not Right aligned and fixed the placement of the resource reference.

Systematic Theologies Interactive

Fixed resource ordering issues for some collections. (Thread)

New Features


Added a Journals section to the Factbook.

Media Resources

Added auto advance to the next video resource after the current video finishes.

Passage guide

Changed the minimum number of commentaries that can be displayed from 3 to 1. (Thread)
Updated Commentaries section to automatically refresh after changing the number of commentaries selected. (Thread)

Bug Fixes

Passage Guide

Fixed a bug that hid the Collection selection when adding Lemma in Passage to a Guide Template.

Personal Books

Fixed a bug where clicking Add Book didn’t automatically scroll down to the new book entry fields.


Fixed a bug where the language selector was lower than the rest of the text on Mac.

Proverbs Explorer

Fixed a bug that removed the People facet.

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug in Reading View where the background color would darken. (Thread)
Fixed a bug that caused a crash when a footnote is nested inside of another footnote.

Text Comparison

Fixed a bug where the pop up Text Comparison wouldn’t display with the F7 key after right clicking in a resource. (Thread)


Fixed a bug in the Italian interface that caused the software to crash when right clicking on a Lemma.

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