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Items in this section are available with a Logos Now subscription. Improvements and bug fixes listed further down are freely available to all users.

Miracles of the Bible

A New interactive, Miracles of the Bible, classifies miracles that occur in the Old and New Testaments according to various criteria. It also identifies the agent (doer) and patient (recipient) of the miracle. Other facets include speaker, Literary Typing, and PeoplePlacesThings also mentioned in particular miracle accounts.

Resource Panel

When a lexicon and a Bible are in the same linkset, and you have left clicked on a word in the surface text of the Bible, the lexicon will navigate to the definition for the associated lemma.

Supplemental Data

Added Syntactic Force from the **Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament**. This enables searching for LSGNT data in other Bibles.
Added Miracles Dataset that enables searching for Labels tagged with the Miracle tag.

Bug Fixes

Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer

Fixed typos in the About section.

Lemma in Passage

Fixed a bug where a saved guide didn’t retain a custom collection for Lemma in Passage.
Fixed crash when editing the selected collection in the Lemma in Passage section in a Passage Guide template on Windows.

New Testament use of the Old Testament Interactive

Fixed a bug where the Hebrew text was not Right aligned and fixed the placement of the resource reference.
Fixed a bug that caused the facet sidebar to sort improperly when selecting the A-Z Filter.

Systematic Theologies Interactive

Fixed resource ordering issues for some collections. (Thread)

New Features

Added Pericopes to the reference selector.


Added a Journals section to the Factbook.

Media Resources

Videos now auto advance to the next video resource after the current one finishes.

Morph searches are no longer constrained by a single morphology. Previously, the resources that would be searched in were **only** those that supported the selected morphology. The workflow has now changed. Rather than selecting a morphology, first select the resources and references to search in. These constrain the available morphologies to select from, which are now presented in the morph picker control (the popup that appears after typing “@”.)

If more than one morphology is available in the selected resources and references, lemmas, roots, and morph references may be ambiguous to the search parser. In these cases the autocompleter will use the explicit data type reference syntax, e.g. <Lemma = lbs/el/λόγος> for lemma:λόγος, <LogosMorphGr ~ V???????> for @V. The simpler syntax will be used where possible; e.g. when searching a resource with only one morphology, or when searching only the Hebrew portions of a Hebrew Bible. Furthermore, we will also infer the morphology based on the text script where possible, e.g. lemma:λόγος and lemma:λόγος@N, when the most preferred available Greek morphology matches the morphology of the references.

Note: the lemma:λόγος@N,... syntax is shorthand for an ANDEQUALS search. It is possible to perform the same search using the explicit syntax: (<Lemma = lbs/el/λόγος> ANDEQUALS (<LogosMorphGr ~ N????>, ...))

Automatic “untransliteration” will no longer be constrained to a single language. You can still limit the results by explicitly prefixing the text, e.g. g:logos, a:mlk, h:mlk.

Note: morph searches in visual filter documents are unchanged.

Passage Guide

Added the ability to select a particular number of commentaries to load, this can be set in your template or by clicking settings and entering the number of commentaries you want to see in this section, then right-clicking on the commentaries header and selecting the refresh button.
Changed the minimum number of commentaries that can be displayed from 3 to 1. (Thread)
Updated Commentaries section to automatically refresh after changing the number of commentaries selected. (Thread)

Sign in

Updated the sign-in screen to better communicate the options that are available when working offline.


There are some technological changes under the hood in this release:

  • Updated to Visual C++ 2015 (Windows).
  • Changed digital signatures algorithm to SHA-2 per Microsoft recommendations (Windows).
  • Updated mono (Macintosh)
  • Updated to SQLite 3.11.0

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the Lexham Syntactic Force Search didn’t work from the context menu within the Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament: SBL Edition. (Thread)

Bible Word Study

When clicking on the search link in the Textual Search section, the search is updated to the correct restricted passage range. (Thread.)
Fixed a bug that would cause the program to stop responding when searching for a term with a large number of results.
Fixed a bug where the Septuagint Translation section had increased hits due to including the Apocrypha. (Thread)
Fixed a bug that prevented the Journals section from appearing when doing a Biographical search. (Thread)

Command Box

Fixed bug where pressing Control+Enter or Control+Shift+Enter, didn’t initiate the displayed top search option in the command box drop down, Mac only.


Updated Factbook to support localized names for authors.
Fixed bug that caused the “Search for ...” text to be truncated.
Fixed crash when copying clipboard content from Factbook to a note.


Spanish Verbum collections (Catechism, Church Documents and Church Fathers) in guides are now translated.


When doing a Basic Search, it displayed as Everything, All Passages. Removed the All Passages due to not being applicable for a Basic Search.


Fixed crash when losing network connection while having a resource and Information Panel opened (with the Word Info section expanded) then hovering/clicking a word.(Thread.)

Fixed bug where non-English words couldn’t be looked up in English dictionaries. (Thread.)


Fixed a bug with drag and dropping resources not displaying the location indicator when being moved to other panels within a layout on Mac 10.11. (Thread)

Media Resources

Fixed bug that caused the progress bar to not show the correct position where the audio was last played until the play button is pressed again on Mac.

Fixed a typo in the title for Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Morphology.
Fixed a bug that excluded the Locative “He” when doing a wild card morph search.


Fixed crash when copying clipboard content from Factbook to a note.
Fixed bug that caused the content in Notes document text box to erase when quickly clicking outside of the box on Windows.

Passage Guide

Fixed crash when editing a Passage Guide template then changing the selected collection in “Add the Lemma In Passage” section on Windows.
Fixed a bug that hid the Collection selection when adding Lemma in Passage to a Guide Template.
Fixed a bug where pressing Enter on your keyboard took no action when adjusting the number of commentaries to display in the Passage Guide search.
Fixed a bug where adding a second commentaries section would display 0 commentaries when attempting to adjust the number of commentaries displayed. (Thread)

Personal Books

Fixed a bug where clicking Add Book didn’t automatically scroll down to the new book entry fields.
Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash when compiling a book. (Thread)
Fixed a bug where adding a cover image would cause the software to crash on Mac. (Thread, Thread)


Fixed a bug where the language selector was lower than the rest of the text on Mac.
Fixed a bug where the Hebrew pronunciation was duplicated.

Proverbs Explorer

Fixed a bug that removed the People facet.

Reading Plan

Fixed bug that caused the ‘Export to iCal’ button to be inactive on Mac.

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug where column preference wasn’t respected when resizing a window. (Thread and Thread)
Fixed a bug in Reading View where the background color would darken. (Thread)
Fixed a bug that caused a crash when a footnote is nested inside of another footnote.
Fixed a bug which caused answers entered in The Unseen Realm Q&A Companion would not stay remembered. (Thread)
Fixed a bug where the entry fields for Questions and Answers in the Unseen Realm Q&A Companion were missing on Mac. (Thread)
Fixed crash when selecting text in Rosscup’s Exposition of Prayer in the Bible on Mac. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that prevented the Inline Interlinear Strong Numbers and Louw-Nida to not open on Mac. (Thread.)

Search Panel

Fixed bug that caused the Atlas section to be displayed when the Maps option was not selected. (Thread.)
Fixed a bug that crashed the software when dragging a search result to the open as a new tab in the same panel. (Thread)

Text Comparison

Fixed a bug where the pop up Text Comparison wouldn’t display with the F7 key after right clicking in a resource. (Thread)

Visual Copy

Fixed bug that caused Visual Copy to not copy Bible verses from the Context Menu in a commentary. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the ‘Send to’ dropdown menu to remain open after making a selection to send to Proclaim.
Fixed a bug where the wrong background would appear for a slide in the 4:3 aspect ratio. (Thread)
Fixed crash when closing Visual Copy window while media is still loading in the left pane.

Visual Filter

Fixed bug when enabling the Corresponding Words visual filter and hovering over certain words would cause the Sinai display to rewrap the text differently than before hovering over a word. (Thread.)

Word List

Fixed a bug where undoing edits with a Command+Z keystroke would crash the program.

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