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The Logos Help (from the Help menu, or F1) will now appear in your Library as a Logos resource. It will appear in the “Updated Resources” dropdown on the Home Page.

  • Logos Help is searchable, including Inline Search, to make it easier to find relevant articles.
  • We are in the process of updating the Help with more comprehensive information, at a later date. The current version of Help has a date of October/November 2014.

Home Page

Clicking on “Catch up” option for a Reading Plan will now leave Today’s reading unread. (Thread.)

Personal Book Builder

It is now possible to Print/Export Personal Books that have more than 100 pages. (Thread, UserVoice, UserVoice)

  • Note: This is only for Personal Books. Other resources still are limited to 100 pages.


Clause Visualization Resources

Performance improvements for displaying and scrolling clause visualizations. (Thread)


Improve the speed of scrolling through Clippings documents.


Minor improvement to responsiveness for some guide sections.


Data is loaded in parallel in Details view.
Updated library catalog database schema to be more efficient.


Increased speed of extracting text from resources.
Increased speed of Propositional Outlines User Visual Filter.

Search Results

Increased the responsiveness of loading results in Basic Search.

Greatly improved the loading time of the lemma transliteration list for Syntax queries. (Thread)


Improved speed of “Preparing your library” (when checking the status of existing resources).

Bug Fixes


Fixed issue when hovering over a Biblical Place in a map would not give a hover tip.
Fixed bug that caused Ctrl/Cmd+F (Find) to not work in Atlas. (Thread.)

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that caused the verse text to not be aligned in the Clause Participants section on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the Clause Participants section Default Bible setting to be missing in template on Mac.
Fixed crash caused by key not being present in dictionary.
Fixed bug that caused non-biblical lemmas to appear in the lemma dropdown.
Fixed crash opening Bible Word Study to the word קֶשֶׁר “conspiracy” on Mac. (Thread.)

Command Box

Hovering over the resource title in the dropdown list will now show the resource preview. (Thread.)

Community Tags

Fixed bug that caused autocomplete results for Cultural Concepts to show duplicates.

Context Menu

Improved the order in Context Menu when there are multiple people listed.

Exegetical Guide

Fixed crash which could occur when using the Word by Word section with certain passages in NA28GBS.


Events section now shows a link to the Biblical Event Navigator Interactive.
Typing “Obadiah (prince)” into the search box will now show the matching subject in the drop-down menu.
Fixed bug when typing preaching themes with a colon didn’t get autocomplete results. (Thread.)
Updated the Works section to choose APA citation if Bibtex, Refer/BibIX or RIS format is the selected Citation Style in Program Settings.


Fixed bug that caused some of the section settings to be misaligned on Mac.
In Textual Variants section, the Ancient Versions subsection should only offer comparisons of resources when the resources have the same language. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that did not give the option to delete individual commentaries in Guides on Mac.
Fixed crash caused by closing the Guide panel after adding a section from the “Add Section” button on Mac.

Home Page

Fixed potential crash when caching the user avatar.
Blog post titles displayed in Home Page are now clickable.
Clicking on the selected reading in the Lectionary tool will now open to the correct Bibles and commentaries.
More links (and Open links) should now turn blue on hover.
Fixed bug that caused Lectionary tool to show “Today” for the reading that was not actually today. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the “Delete” and “Cancel” buttons to be clipped when deleting a Reading Plan from the sidebar.
Default Lectionary layout will only if no panels are already open.
Clicking verse of the day image will now open Visual Copy.
Clicking the Bible reference below the verse of the day image will open the preferred Bible to the reference.
Fixed bug that caused Home Page to display duplicate photos from the FSB resource.
Fixed bug that caused Today’s Prayers to show prayers for tomorrow too. (Thread.)
Fixed crash when shutting down the app while generating the home page.


Fixed KeyNotFoundException which was causing the indexer to crash immediately. This should also fix Clause Search being unavailable, due to the updated version not being discovered. (Thread)


Fixed bug that made it difficult to identify the words in the dropdown menu in Morphology Charts Interactive.
Fixed bug that caused the Weights and Measures Converter Interactive to sometimes give different conversions.
Tools menu will now show best interactive for current language. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that caused the readings in Lectionary resources to not display verse numbers. (Thread.)

LLS Resources

Fix a bug with reported number of characters in a given width which was causing runs to be broken too large and subsequently hyphenated in places that still didn’t fit in the given line. (Thread.)
Reduced memory usage of Reading Plan visual filter.
Fixed bug that caused the Hebrew font to be displayed incorrectly in LLS:1.0.197.
Fixed bug that caused the Hindi font to render incorrectly. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that caused the right-hand section of home page to not display when viewing Home Page on iMac with Retina 5k display. (Thread , Thread.)

Media Resource

Fixed touch controls for playing audio and video resources, on both the “Play” arrow icon and tapping the preview window.
Added preference for persisting color options to Logos Bible Software Infographics (LLS:LBSINFOGRPHX).

  • Note: The option is only available when more than one format (Original Color or Black and White) is available for that image.

My Library

Fixed bug that caused the mouse cursor to flicker as you move it over a resource title in details view on Windows.
Adding a rating to a resource in the info pane will now correctly update the rating in Details view on Windows. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the Home/End/PgUp/PgDn keys to not work in Library Panel.


Fixed bug where attempting to enter text at the beginning of a line would place the text midway. (Thread)
Fixed issue on Mac where selecting text and then right-clicking reduced the selected text to whichever one word was clicked on. (Thread)
Fixed issue on Mac where the keyboard shortcut for Paste was listed as Cmd+P, instead of the correct Cmd+V. (Thread)
Selecting “Open annotation” for a note will now correctly open the Note document to that note, rather than the beginning of the document. (Thread)
Fixed crash caused by pasting specific text into the Notes Document. (Thread.)
Fixed crash when dragging a note with a label between documents. (Thread.)

Passage Analysis

Fixed bug that caused the text box to truncate the text on Mac. (Thread.)
Fixed crash when hovering over the pericope headers on Mac.

Passage Guide

Fixed bug that caused the “Logos Media” section to not be included in Logos’ default Passage Guide. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the Atlas section to not be included in Verbum’s default Passage Guide. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that showed the incorrect suggestion,”Retaliation (Mt 5:38-42)”, in the autocompleter for “Revelation 12:”.

Passage List

Using Print/Export from a Passage List will now properly format the page to match the panel layout with multiple versions selected (e.g. narrow panels list passages in paragraph form, wider panels use columns).

Personal Book Builder

Fixed “Could not remove existing resource” errors when building multiple or rebuilding Personal Books on Windows. (Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread)

  • Note: Mac has a separate case and is currently being worked on.

Fixed bug that caused the Mac Personal Book Builder panel to have an inconsistent button style and placement.
Date datatypes in Personal Books will now correctly generate Timeline flags, and enable the Timeline Events visual filter.
Fixed bug that caused the Hebrew text in personal books to render as squares on Mac.
Hebrew words will now correctly import from Word to Personal Books:

  • Hebrew words will no longer be shown as reversed from its appearance in the Word document on Windows.
  • Hebrew words will now appear in the correct place in the document, not at the end of the sentence on Mac.

Restored blue highlighting to list of Personal Books on Mac.

  • Mousing over a personal book in the list view should show a light blue highlight.
  • Clicking on a personal book in the list view should edit it and bring a darker blue highlight.


Fixed bug that caused Lock icons in Lexham Bible Guide to show up as book icons in Print Preview. (Thread.)
Paper settings will now properly be persisted in Print/Export. (Thread)
Exporting a Word List to Excel will no longer give an invalid column type for Count. (Thread.)
Opening Print/Export from a media resource such as Faithlife Study Bible Infographics will no longer cause app to crash on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the Excel to not appear after exporting data. (Thread.)

Read Aloud

Fixed bug when navigating to different locations in resource while Read Aloud was playing would cause the Narrator to duplicate on Mac 10.10. (Thread.)

Reading Plans

Fixed an issue where creating a reading plan by pericope for Psalms groups Ps 1-119:8 as one pericope.
Restored the ability to limit reading ranges in non-Bibles. (Thread)

  • Note: While you can limit by page number, the readings are still divided by TOC entries. This prevents readings stopping at page boundaries mid-paragraph, etc.

Generated reading plans will now break on page numbers in preference to table-of-contents entries. (Thread.)
Fixed crash when generating a reading plan with no reference.

Resource Panel

The scrollbar in resources will no longer scale up in size when increasing the font slider.
Fixed bug that caused the app to be unresponsive when opening LLS:BHQ resource on Mac.
Fixed issue that caused Hebrew fonts to render slow on Mac. (Thread.)
Double-clicking on a word with Smart Selection enabled will select just the single word. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the selection to change when reloading content due to Visual Filter changes. (Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread and Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the verse numbers to disappear on hover but reappear when the resource is clicked in the OpenText and Cascadia clause visualizer resources. (Thread.)
Removed the boxes that were showing in the text in Afsyntaxgraphs. (Thread.)
Fixed bug which caused the lines to move and overlap when hovering the mouse over text in Afsyntaxgraphs on Windows. (Thread.)

Reverse Interlinear

Fixed issue where the settings for RVI rows were not being saved properly when closing the app with the RVI open.

Fixed issue where autocomplete suggestions between brackets (e.g. {Speaker }, type and select Jesus) would complete as {Speaker J<Person Jesus>}. (Thread)

  • Note: Typing the closing brace } will disable autocomplete, implying the query has been fully entered.
  • Instead, type “{Speaker Jesus”, which will autocomplete to “{Speaker <Person Jesus>” and then type the closing }.

Search should now be smarter about matching suggestions based on Bible references.

Search Panel Clause

Fixed bug that caused “Showing the first 10000 results” message to displays for less results in Analysis view. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused Clause Search verb suggestions to appear in English when app was in Spanish UI.

Search Panel Media

Fixed issue where media items weren’t displaying previews for <PreachingTheme>. (Thread)

Search Panel Morph

Clicking the Hebrew lemmas in the headers of Analysis view will now correctly open the lemma in a Bible Word Study panel on Mac.

Sermon Starter Guide

Selecting to search within a resource in the Collections section will now open the Search panel using the correct search syntax.

Syntax Graphs

Fixed crash which could occur after moving a clause visualization resource and changing the reference. (Thread)


Fixed issue where the default Topic Guide in Verbum had two Media Resources sections, with the second always showing no results. (Thread)

Visual Copy

Slides sent to Powerpoint 2013 will now automatically expand to fit the slide size.

  • Note: This is not currently working for older versions of Powerpoint. There is a case for this issue.

The last chosen aspect ratio will now be remembered in Visual Copy. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the Visual Copy to open to the Verse of the Day slide, instead of opening to a quote slide with the selected text. (Thread.)

Visual Filter Document

Creating a Visual Filter using a collection of morph-enabled resources will no longer lose the collection setting when switching between Basic, Bible, and Morph options.


Fixed issue where Citations text was cut off in small panel widths, rather than wrapping.

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