Logos 6.0b SR-1

Logos 6.0b SR-1 ( was released on January 21, 2015.

Personal Book Builder

Added support for Liturgical Dates in Personal Book Sermon markup. (Thread.)

  • Note: It’s not yet aware of the user’s preferred lectionary. This will be implemented in a future update.

Users are now able to specify the lectionary they want in the personal document with expressions like the following:

  • Proper 27, Sun A
  • RCLCalendar:Pr 4 Sun C
  • RCLCalendar:Adv 2 Sun C
  • CatholicCalendar:Adv 3 Sun B
  • Easter
  • Advent 4 Sun A
  • Epiphany
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Lent 4 Sun
  • The Annunciation
  • Pentecost 26

Bug Fixes


Fixed crash caused by searching for a Factbook Writing article and then clicking on “more” hyperlink in the subsections on Mac.


Quick collections weren’t working properly in Guide sections (Collections, Commentaries, Grammars) and didn’t serve much purpose. They have been removed from these sections. (Thread)
Fixed crash caused by closing the Guide panel after adding a section from the “Add Section” button on Mac.


Fixed crash when right clicking on a Layout and selecting to Load on Mac.


Fixed bug that caused the readings in Lectionary resources to not display verse numbers. (Thread.)

Personal Book Builder

Fixed crash when building Personal Book if the Logging folder didn’t have read/write/execute permissions correctly set.
Fixed issue where clicking “Open” in the PBB on Mac didn’t actually open the resource. (Thread)

Read Aloud

Fixe bug when navigating to different locations in resource while Read Aloud was playing would cause the Narrator to duplicate on Mac 10.10. (Thread.)

Resource Panel

Fixed bug where the reference box wasn’t remaining selected when clicking on Mac. One click will now correctly select the text in the reference box. (Thread, Thread)
Right clicking on a diagram in Biblical People Diagram resource and choosing Copy, Save As, Send to or Print will no longer crash on Mac.

Search Panel Bible

Fixed crash searching for “<Root = lbs/el/αδης> AND {Speaker<Person Jesus>}” in Aligned view in NASB95. (Thread)

Visual Copy

References sent to Visual Copy from resources in a language different from the UI language will now properly list the reference in the resource language. (Thread)

Known Issues


Interactives are very slow when opening and using them on Mac. 

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