Logos 6.0b RC 2

Logos 6.0b RC 2 ( was released on January 12, 2015.

Bug Fixes

Community Tags

Fixed potential crash when hovering over community tags in certain resources.

Context Menu

Right-clicking on a person/place/thing in a Bible with word numbers should now show the person/place/thing regardless of whether the referent database is available. (Thread)


Fixed issue where the Reference box was incorrectly displaying the pericope title instead of the passage on Mac. (Thread)
Fixed issue where the Reference box would change to display the pericope title when re-selecting the passage on Windows. (Thread)
Fixed bug where the Autocompleter for passage-based Guides would only suggest pericopes from the preferred Bible. (Thread)
Fixed bug where the Autocompleter was suggesting pericopes for incorrect passages when the ESV was the top prioritized Bible. (Thread)
Fixed bug that caused the linked Guide to not update the text box with the correct passage on Mac. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that caused both English and Spanish interactives to appear in the Tools menu. It should only show the one that’s in your language.


Fixed issue where resource titles were occasionally truncated in Details view even when the title would fit within the width of the column. (Thread, Thread)

Passage List

Fixed issue adding Headings to Passage Lists on Mac in Yosemite. (Thread)

Reading Plan

Fixed crash when completing a Reading Plan. (Thread.)
Typing a custom name for a Reading Plan without hitting Return will no longer revert to the default name when the Sync automatically occurs on Mac.

Resource Panel

Fixed bug that caused the shift-click selection with “Show page numbers” on to change the start of a selection. (Thread.)

Reverse Interlinear

Fixed bug that did not enlarge the Reverse Interlinear ribbon when increasing font slider in a resource on Mac.


Fixed issue where the Verbum System Collections (Catechism, Church Documents, Church Fathers) were not appearing in the Settings for Guide Collection sections. (Thread)

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