Logos 6.0b RC 1

Logos 6.0b RC 1 ( was released on January 6, 2015.


Search Panel Morph

Added Spanish localization for the Logos Hebrew and Aramaic morphologies.

Bug Fixes


Moved the “Fit” button to the right of the Zoom slider to clarify its purpose as a button, and not a label for the slider.


Fixed display issues with panel menu and tooltip popups on Windows when the Factbook panel was made very narrow.


Fixed issue where references entered into Passage Guide and Sermon Starter Guide were not showing pericopes in the Autocomplete dropdown list.


Fixed issue where sometimes when filtering the Library only the resource titles would be displayed on Windows. (Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread)
Improved the performance of scrolling in Library Grid/Details view on Windows. (Thread)

LLS Resources

Reduced memory usage of Reading Plan visual filter.

Media Resources

Fixed crash caused by using Ctrl +/- to zoom in or out or clicking the ‘Actual Size’ button in Media Resources on Windows.


Applied labels are now displayed for each note in Note documents on a line below the Note content.
Spell-checking should now default to Spanish when creating a Notes document in Spanish app.

Resource Panel

Fixed bug that caused the text button in Resources to not use abbreviated titles when the resource panel is narrow on Mac.

Search Panel Basic

Fixed bug that caused the grid to be misaligned with horizontal scrolling on Windows.


Fixed bug that caused the Syntax Search to show no results. (Thread and Thread.)

Visual Copy

Fixed bug that caused “Send to” text to be missing in the context menu on Windows.

Wikipedia Panel

Fixed the line spacing on Mac to be the same as Windows.

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