Logos 6.0b Beta 4

Logos 6.0b Beta 4 ( was released on December 29, 2014.

New Features

Bible Word Study

Hovering over the type headings in Clause Participants section “Semantic Roles” view will show a hover tip with a quick definition of the term.

  • For example hovering over the Agent datatype in “With Agent...” will have a hover tip with a definition for it.

Bug Fixes


The current map will now be shown as selected in the side panel map list on Mac.

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that did not show the link to Clause Search when viewing entries in Semantic Roles view in Clause Participants section.
Fixed bug that caused no options to appear in the dropdown menu when typing English words.


Fixed bug that caused the Autocomplete to not work for new users in Guides in 6.0b. (Thread.)
Added back the missing “Compare Versions” section.


Fixed issue where Highlighting styles with Label templates were not being synced when upgrading from Logos 5 to Logos 6. (Thread)

Home Page

Fixed crash caused by opening up the Home Page and displaying the Daily Devotional section for “NRSV Apocrypha Reading Plan” resource.
Fixed bug that caused links to appears in hover/clicked state after returning to the Home Page.


Fixed issue where Logos Bible Software Infographics was not displaying infographics on Mac. (Thread)
Fixed potential crash related to using a very old reverse interlinear resource in a newer version of the app.

Fixed issue where having all checkboxes ticked in the “Search All Media” dropdown caused Logos Media Library and Online Results not to be searched. (Thread, Thread)

Passage List

Fixed issue where it was not possible to add passages from a highlighter style on Mac due to the window clipping the “Add” window out of view. (Thread)

Personal Book Builder

Clicking a book title in the Personal Books list in PBB on Mac will now open the edit view for that book, rather than opening the book itself.
Fixed crash when building books caused by the Logos\Logging\PBB\Logs folder becoming unwriteable.
With the Personal Book list filtered, editing a book and closing the edit view will retain the applied filter until the Find box is closed. (Thread)


Fixed potential crash when printing Biblical People Diagrams in Landscape orientation. (Thread)

Reading Plans

Updated to the EventKit API for Reading Plan export on Mac to fix issue where predefined plans filled entire year regardless of range when exported to iCal.

  • Due to a bug with how EventKit syncs with Exchange Calendars, exporting to an exchange calendar will create events on the appropriate days, but the events will not display the correct readings.
  • A workaround for this would be to use iCloud or Gmail calendars.

Search Panel Basic

Fixed bug that caused search hover previews to no longer show footnote content. (Thread.)
When clicking on a footnote indicator in search results the resource will open and the footnote hover tip will automatically pop up on Mac and Windows. (Thread.)
Clicking outside of the footnote popup in a resource will now close the footnote right away. (Thread.)

Visual Filter Documents

Added the Match Equivalent References control to the Visual Filter panel menu on Mac.

Visual Filters

Fixed issue where enabling Propositional Outlines for areas with no data was still disabling chapter & verse numbers. (Thread)

Known Issues

Bible Word Study

There’s a long delay when running a search for a word on Mac.

Logos Bible Software Wiki

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