Logos 6.0b Beta 3

Logos 6.0b Beta 3 ( was released on December 15, 2014.

New Features


Showing the Information for a text range with Labels applied to a highlighting style will now list that label data in the Info panel.

  • This can be controlled with the “Show highlighting information” setting under Other.


Added the “Read” column to the Library, which indicates Unread, Reading, and Finished status.

  • Unread resources will be indicated by the absence of an icon.
  • Reading resources will have a ring graph, which fills in based on reading progress.
  • The column is sortable, which groups resources into “Unread”, “Reading”, and “Finished” groups and then sorts within the group from 0-100, or 100-0 depending on choice of Ascending/Descending.

Bug Fixes


Fixed bug when opening Atlas from the Context Menu did not pan to the city. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the horizontal scrollbar to sometimes appear in the side panel on Windows.
The map no longer requires clicking on the map first in order to hover over the results when the Find box is active on Mac.


Community Tags section is no longer missing the overall results text on Windows.
Added error message to appear in the Works section when the network is unavailable. (Thread.)

Groups Tool

Fixed bug that caused the “By Recent” or “By Book” options to be missing for Community Notes on Mac.


Added a “More” hyperlink to the Cultural Concepts section.

My Library

Fixed issue where the View selector dropdown did not support the keyboard.


Fixed issue where moving a note with Highlighting/Labels attached from one Note document to another caused the highlights and/or labels to no longer be displayed in the resource. (Thread)
Restyled the Rich Text toolbar on Mac to more closely match Windows, and fix issues with scaling and inconsistency between Mac OS versions.

Personal Books

Fixed issue where datatype links for Volume/Number/Page were not working correctly. (Thread)
Fixed several UI issues on Mac:

  • Replaced the solid blue background while editing books with a white background and blue bar along the left, to match Windows.
  • Fixed several baseline issues with the Edit and Open links when hovering over a Personal Book.
  • Fixed baseline differences between the success messages for Building and Uploading books.
  • Fixed issue where the error icon wasn’t aligned properly on Windows or Mac.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Edit” and “Open” links to appear over the “Finished” button.

TOC entries will be truncated at the 256 character limit after headwords have been extracted, rather than before. This was causing issues with TOC entries with lengthy markup. (Thread)


Fixed crash when trying to copy, save, send, or print from the Biblical People Diagrams resource on Mac.

Read Aloud

Fixed issue where the Read Aloud word by word indicator wasn’t following along with the NA27 Greek New Testament. (Thread, Thread, Thread)

Resource Panel

Fixed bug that did not show a resource preview hover tip when hovering over the resources in the Parallel Resource dropdown menu on Mac.

Visual Copy

The dropdown menus “Save as” and “Send to” are correctly alphabetized.


The Wikipedia Tool will now save your last opened article and position and resume reading from that when the tool is reopened.

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