Logos 6.0b Beta 2

Logos 6.0b Beta 2 ( was released on December 9, 2014.

New Features


The dates listed in Biographies can now be clicked to open Timeline filtered to that date range (e.g. 1834-1892 for Spurgeon’s bio) on Mac.


Guides now use the new Autocompleter, which had been implemented elsewhere such as in Search and Factbook. This will provide more information when suggesting entries, and fix problems where results weren’t sorted correctly.


The settings for the Information panel which only had one option behind the tab have been consolidated into an “Other” tab. These options are:

  • Highlighting information
  • Alternate translations
  • Supplemental data
  • Biblical referents
  • Other references (Bible refs, Louw-Nida numbers, genre and source tags, etc)

Bug Fixes


Fixed issue where opening an Atlas map from the context menu in a resource was opening the previously opened map. (Thread)


Fixed bug that caused the reference section text to be displayed in blue when not hovering over it on Mac.
Fixed crash when opening up a Preaching Theme in the Swedish UI.
Fixed bug that caused the tooltips to show the incorrect icon in “Biblical Things” section.


Labels applied to Notes or Highlighting styles are no longer lost when:

  • Dragging a note with label from one Note document to another. (Thread)
  • Copying or Renaming a Highlighting palette with styles with applied labels. (Thread)
  • Moving a Highlighting style with applied labels from one palette to another. (Thread)

New Tab Panel

Long book titles are now truncated on Windows.

Resource Panel

Fixed bug that caused a new tab panel to always open up whenever clicking on a title in Inline Search. (Thread.)

Search Panel Basic

Added tooltip when hovering over the article title in Library Results section ‘By Resource’ view on Mac.

Visual Filters

Fixed crash caused by enabling propositional outlines in certain resources with interlinear content. (Thread.)


Fixed issue where highlights applied to Wikipedia pages could “shift” after the highlight is applied. (Thread)

Known Issues

Bible Word Study

Entering an English word will not show other options in the dropdown menu.


When entering a reference in Passage, Exegetical and Sermon Starter Guides the pericopes are missing in the dropdown menu.

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