Logos 6.0b Beta 1

Logos 6.0b Beta 1 ( was released on December 3, 2014.

New Features


Find via Ctrl/Cmd+F has been implemented, with orange visual cues and place markers indicating locations matching the search.

  • Opening Atlas from a Factbook link for a place will also indicate that location upon loading.
  • These cues also apply when filtering in the “Place, Person, Event or Map” navigation box.


Added spell-checking for notes in Clippings. (Thread and Thread.)


The dates listed in Biographies can now be clicked to open Timeline filtered to that date range (e.g. 1834-1892 for Spurgeon’s bio) on Windows.

  • Note: Not implemented yet on Mac.

Bible Book Guides will now appear when the Bible reference is entered. No longer requires specific ‘First Epistle to’ or ‘Gospel of’ to choose Biblical Book Guides. (Thread, Thread and Thread.)

  • Note: “Deuteronomy”, “Daniel” and “Bel and the Dragon” do not correctly link to the Bible Book Guide, even though they are promoted in the list of completions. This will be fixed in a future beta.

Passage Guide

The Music section of Passage Guides will now display non-media Hymnals. For an example, run a Passage Guide on Psalm 33:12.


Added support for Columns in panel menu.

Bug Fixes


Fixed bug that caused the rich previews for Bible places to not show the correct alternate names.

Bible Word Study

The Root section of BWS now correctly allows users to pick an overriding Bible.

Context Menu

Fixed crash when selecting a large selection of text and right-clicking to display context menu.


Fixed issue for Abraham where Sarah was listed twice under “sister” but not under “wife”, and rearranged the information for this section. (Thread)
Hovering over the entries in the entry drop down menu will correctly display the hover tips.


Fixed issue where images applied to highlights (with or without tints applied) were faded in Logos 6. (Thread and Thread)
Fixed issue with display of highlights applied to Nelson’s Annual Youth Ministry Sourcebook 2008. (Thread)


Added the “Biblical Referents” section to the Settings menu, allowing the speaker/referent data to be toggled on and off for the Information panel. (Thread)


Send to Kindle failure will now include a “Retry” link to reattempt to send the resource.

LLS Resources

Fixed bug that prevented selection of individual characters and words in most of the text of LLS:47.50.1 and LLS:1.0.209.


Logos will no longer automatically scan LDSL3 file paths, since those resources are very likely to be out of date, and can sometimes cause a crash. (Thread)


Adjusting a panel’s font slider will no longer prevent the scroll views from properly resizing.

Passage Lists

When saving a Passage List from the Translation section in Bible Word Study the words are now correctly aligned on Mac.

Personal Book Builder

To prevent a situation where an uploaded PB exists on the server but has been deleted and is inaccessible to users (brought up here), uploaded Personal Books now have the “Delete” option disabled. They can still be hidden to remove them from your library while maintaining the ability to recover them later.

Resource Panel

Fixed bug that caused the popup to stay open after clicking “copy” in share text range popup on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused some of the hyperlinks in on-page footnotes to not work LLS:CATCATHCHRCH. (Thread.)

Fixed bug that caused Search to not display Factbook results. (Thread.)
Fixed issue where opening a search hit for a resource that has been previously opened and set to a larger font size with columns was not navigating so that the hit was on the page. (Thread)
Fixed bug that caused sections to show empty space when there were no results.
Renamed the “See all” links to clarify what action they will perform:

  • In Factbook, the link will be Search Collection for “Subject” - example, Search All Resources for “Atonement”
  • In Search, the link will be SearchType Collection - example, Bible Search ESV

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