Logos 6.0b

The fix for download issues users were experiencing with Mac 10.10 Yosemite has been enabled by default in 6.0b, and no longer requires the Terminal command required in 6.0a.


Greatly improved the performance of scrolling in Library Grid/Details view on Windows. (Thread)
Reduced memory usage of Reading Plan visual filter.



Find via Ctrl/Cmd+F has been implemented, with orange visual cues and place markers indicating locations matching the search.

  • Opening Atlas from a Factbook link for a place will also indicate that location upon loading.
  • These cues also apply when filtering in the “Place, Person, Event or Map” navigation box.

Bible Word Study

Hovering over the type headings in Clause Participants section “Semantic Roles” view will show a hover tip with a quick definition of the term.

  • For example hovering over the Agent datatype in “With Agent...” will have a hover tip with a definition for it.


Added spell-checking for notes in Clippings. (Thread and Thread.)


Bible Book Guides will now appear when the Bible reference is entered. No longer requires specific ‘First Epistle to’ or ‘Gospel of’ to choose Biblical Book Guides. (Thread, Thread and Thread.)
The dates listed in Biographies can now be clicked to open Timeline filtered to that date range (e.g. 1834-1892 for Spurgeon’s bio).


Guides now use the new Autocompleter, which had been implemented elsewhere such as in Search and Factbook. This will provide more information when suggesting entries, and fix problems where results weren’t sorted correctly.


Showing the Information for a text range with Labels applied to a highlighting style will now list that label data in the Info panel.

  • This can be controlled with the “Show highlighting information” setting under Other.

The settings for the Information panel which only had one option behind the tab have been consolidated into an “Other” tab. These options are:

  • Highlighting information
  • Alternate translations
  • Supplemental data
  • Biblical referents
  • Other references (Bible refs, Louw-Nida numbers, genre and source tags, etc)


Added the “Read” column to the Library, which indicates Unread, Reading, and Finished status.

  • Unread resources will be indicated by the absence of an icon.
  • Reading resources will have a ring graph, which fills in based on reading progress.
  • The column is sortable, which groups resources into “Unread”, “Reading”, and “Finished” groups and then sorts within the group from 0-100, or 100-0 depending on choice of Ascending/Descending.

Passage Guide

The Music section of Passage Guides will now display non-media Hymnals. For an example, run a Passage Guide on Psalm 33:12.

Search Panel Morph

Added Spanish localization for the Logos Hebrew and Aramaic morphologies.


Added support for Columns in panel menu.

Bug Fixes


Fixed bug when opening Atlas from the Context Menu did not pan to the city. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the horizontal scrollbar to sometimes appear in the side panel on Windows.
Fixed bug that caused the rich previews for Bible places to not show the correct alternate names.
Fixed issue where opening an Atlas map from the context menu in a resource was opening the previously opened map. (Thread)
Moved the “Fit” button to the right of the Zoom slider to clarify its purpose as a button, and not a label for the slider.
The current map will now be shown as selected in the side panel map list on Mac.
The map no longer requires clicking on the map first in order to hover over the results when the Find box is active on Mac.

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that did not show the link to Clause Search when viewing entries in Semantic Roles view in Clause Participants section.
Fixed bug that caused no options to appear in the dropdown menu when typing English words.
The Root section of BWS now correctly allows users to pick an overriding Bible.

Community Tags

Fixed potential crash when hovering over community tags in certain resources.

Context Menu

Fixed crash when selecting a large selection of text and right-clicking to display context menu.
Right-clicking on a person/place/thing in a Bible with word numbers should now show the person/place/thing regardless of whether the referent database is available. (Thread)


Added error message to appear in the Works section when the network is unavailable. (Thread.)
Community Tags section is no longer missing the overall results text on Windows.
Fixed display issues with panel menu and tooltip popups on Windows when the Factbook panel was made very narrow.
Fixed issue for Abraham where Sarah was listed twice under “sister” but not under “wife”, and rearranged the information for this section. (Thread)
Hovering over the entries in the entry drop down menu will correctly display the hover tips.

Groups Tool

Fixed bug that caused the “By Recent” or “By Book” options to be missing for Community Notes on Mac.


Added back the missing “Compare Versions” section.
Added a “More” hyperlink to the Cultural Concepts section.
Fixed bug that caused the Autocomplete to not work for new users in Guides in 6.0b. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the reference section text to be displayed in blue when not hovering over it on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the tooltips to show the incorrect icon in “Biblical Things” section.
Fixed bug that caused the linked Guide to not update the text box with the correct passage on Mac. (Thread.)
Fixed bug where the Autocompleter for passage-based Guides would only suggest pericopes from the preferred Bible. (Thread)
Fixed bug where the Autocompleter was suggesting pericopes for incorrect passages when the ESV was the top prioritized Bible. (Thread)
Fixed crash when opening up a Preaching Theme in the Swedish UI.
Fixed issue where references entered into Passage Guide and Sermon Starter Guide were not showing pericopes in the Autocomplete dropdown list.
Fixed issue where the Reference box was incorrectly displaying the pericope title instead of the passage on Mac. (Thread)
Fixed issue where the Reference box would change to display the pericope title when re-selecting the passage on Windows. (Thread)


Fixed issue where Highlighting styles with Label templates were not being synced when upgrading from Logos 5 to Logos 6. (Thread)
Fixed issue where images applied to highlights (with or without tints applied) were faded in Logos 6. (Thread and Thread)
Fixed issue with display of highlights applied to Nelson’s Annual Youth Ministry Sourcebook 2008. (Thread)

Home Page

Fixed crash caused by opening up the Home Page and displaying the Daily Devotional section for “NRSV Apocrypha Reading Plan” resource.
Fixed bug that caused links to appears in hover/clicked state after returning to the Home Page.


Added the “Biblical Referents” section to the Settings menu, allowing the speaker/referent data to be toggled on and off for the Information panel. (Thread)


Fixed bug that caused both English and Spanish interactives to appear in the Tools menu. It should only show the one that’s in your language.


Labels applied to Notes or Highlighting styles are no longer lost when:

  • Dragging a note with label from one Note document to another. (Thread)
  • Copying or Renaming a Highlighting palette with styles with applied labels. (Thread)
  • Moving a Highlighting style with applied labels from one palette to another. (Thread)


Fixed issue where resource titles were occasionally truncated in Details view even when the title would fit within the width of the column. (Thread, Thread)
Fixed issue where sometimes when filtering the Library only the resource titles would be displayed on Windows. (Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread)
Fixed issue where the View selector dropdown did not support the keyboard.
Send to Kindle failure will now include a “Retry” link to reattempt to send the resource.

LLS Resources

Fixed bug that prevented selection of individual characters and words in most of the text of LLS:47.50.1 and LLS:1.0.209.


Fixed issue where Logos Bible Software Infographics was not displaying infographics on Mac. (Thread)
Fixed potential crash related to using a very old reverse interlinear resource in a newer version of the app.
Logos will no longer automatically scan LDSL3 file paths, since those resources are very likely to be out of date, and can sometimes cause a crash. (Thread)


Adjusting a panel’s font slider will no longer prevent the scroll views from properly resizing.

Media Resources

Fixed crash caused by using Ctrl +/- to zoom in or out or clicking the ‘Actual Size’ button in Media Resources on Windows.

Fixed issue where having all checkboxes ticked in the “Search All Media” dropdown caused Logos Media Library and Online Results not to be searched. (Thread, Thread)

New Tab Panel

Long book titles are now truncated on Windows.


Applied labels are now displayed for each note in Note documents on a line below the Note content. (Thread)
Fixed issue where moving a note with Highlighting/Labels attached from one Note document to another caused the highlights and/or labels to no longer be displayed in the resource. (Thread)
Restyled the Rich Text toolbar on Mac to more closely match Windows, and fix issues with scaling and inconsistency between Mac OS versions.
Spell-checking should now default to Spanish when creating a Notes document in Spanish app.

Passage List

Fixed issue adding Headings to Passage Lists on Mac in Yosemite. (Thread)
Fixed issue where it was not possible to add passages from a highlighter style on Mac due to the window clipping the “Add” window out of view. (Thread)
When saving a Passage List from the Translation section in Bible Word Study the words are now correctly aligned on Mac.

Personal Book Builder

Clicking a book title in the Personal Books list in PBB on Mac will now open the edit view for that book, rather than opening the book itself.
Fixed crash when building books caused by the Logos\Logging\PBB\Logs folder becoming unwriteable.
Fixed issue where datatype links for Volume/Number/Page were not working correctly. (Thread)
Fixed several UI issues on Mac:

  • Fixed several baseline issues with the Edit and Open links when hovering over a Personal Book.
  • Fixed baseline differences between the success messages for Building and Uploading books.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Edit” and “Open” links to appear over the “Finished” button.
  • Fixed issue where the error icon wasn’t aligned properly on Windows or Mac.
  • Replaced the solid blue background while editing books with a white background and blue bar along the left, to match Windows.

TOC entries will be truncated at the 256 character limit after headwords have been extracted, rather than before. This was causing issues with TOC entries with lengthy markup. (Thread)
To prevent a situation where an uploaded PB exists on the server but has been deleted and is inaccessible to users (brought up here), uploaded Personal Books now have the “Delete” option disabled. They can still be hidden to remove them from your library while maintaining the ability to recover them later.
With the Personal Book list filtered, editing a book and closing the edit view will retain the applied filter until the Find box is closed. (Thread)


Fixed crash when trying to copy, save, send, or print from the Biblical People Diagrams resource on Mac.
Fixed potential crash when printing Biblical People Diagrams in Landscape orientation. (Thread)

Read Aloud

Fixed issue where the Read Aloud word by word indicator wasn’t following along with the NA27 Greek New Testament. (Thread, Thread, Thread)

Reading Plan

Fixed crash when completing a Reading Plan. (Thread.)
Typing a custom name for a Reading Plan without hitting Return will no longer revert to the default name when the Sync automatically occurs on Mac.
Updated to the EventKit API for Reading Plan export on Mac to fix issue where predefined plans filled entire year regardless of range when exported to iCal.

  • Due to a bug with how EventKit syncs with Exchange Calendars, exporting to an exchange calendar will create events on the appropriate days, but the events will not display the correct readings.
  • A workaround for this would be to use iCloud or Gmail calendars.

Resource Panel

Fixed bug that caused a new tab panel to always open up whenever clicking on a title in Inline Search. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused some of the hyperlinks in on-page footnotes to not work LLS:CATCATHCHRCH. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the popup to stay open after clicking “copy” in share text range popup on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the shift-click selection with “Show page numbers” on to change the start of a selection. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the text button in Resources to not use abbreviated titles when the resource panel is narrow on Mac.
Fixed bug that did not show a resource preview hover tip when hovering over the resources in the Parallel Resource dropdown menu on Mac.

Reverse Interlinear

Fixed bug that did not enlarge the Reverse Interlinear ribbon when increasing font slider in a resource on Mac.

Search Panel Basic

Added tooltip when hovering over the article title in Library Results section ‘By Resource’ view on Mac.
Clicking outside of the footnote popup in a resource will now close the footnote right away. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the grid to be misaligned with horizontal scrolling on Windows.
Fixed bug that caused search hover previews to no longer show footnote content. (Thread.)
When clicking on a footnote indicator in search results the resource will open and the footnote hover tip will automatically pop up on Mac and Windows. (Thread.)

Fixed bug that caused Search to not display Factbook results. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused sections to show empty space when there were no results.
Fixed issue where opening a search hit for a resource that has been previously opened and set to a larger font size with columns was not navigating so that the hit was on the page. (Thread)
Renamed the “See all” links to clarify what action they will perform:

  • In Factbook, the link will be Search Collection for “Subject” - example, Search All Resources for “Atonement”
  • In Search, the link will be SearchType Collection - example, Bible Search ESV

Fixed bug that caused the Syntax Search to show no results. (Thread and Thread.)


Fixed issue where the Verbum System Collections (Catechism, Church Documents, Church Fathers) were not appearing in the Settings for Guide Collection sections. (Thread)

Visual Copy

Fixed bug that caused “Send to” text to be missing in the context menu on Windows.
The dropdown menus “Save as” and “Send to” are correctly alphabetized.

Visual Filter Documents

Added the Match Equivalent References control to the Visual Filter panel menu on Mac.

Visual Filters

Fixed crash caused by enabling propositional outlines in certain resources with interlinear content. (Thread.)
Fixed issue where enabling Propositional Outlines for areas with no data was still disabling chapter & verse numbers. (Thread)


Fixed the line spacing on Mac to be the same as Windows.
Fixed issue where highlights applied to Wikipedia pages could “shift” after the highlight is applied. (Thread)
The Wikipedia Tool will now save your last opened article and position and resume reading from that when the tool is reopened.

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