Logos 6.0a SR-1

Logos 6.0a SR-1 ( was released on December 2, 2014.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that caused the results in Clause Participants section to disappear when expanding and collapsing them when Program Scaling was set to 110% on Mac.
The lemma entry helper no longer omits Spanish glosses.

Copy Bible Verses

Fixed bug that caused the “Copy and Paste” function to not work on Mac 10.10. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that prevented the Bible from opening up when clicking on the reference hyperlink in Guides on Mac. (Thread and Thread.)

Home Page

Updated resources are now hyperlinked in Home Page on Mac.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Fixed issue where the Alt/Opt key was still being recognized as pressed after release for other shortcuts (i.e. Alt+L). (Thread)

My Library

Fixed bug that caused the Rank column to display all zeros when opening Library on Mac. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused Ctrl+L to open Library in docked panel instead of a floating window on Mac. (Thread.)
Opening Library panel to the full width of the app window then selecting a Courseware will no longer crash the application on Windows. (Thread.)

Personal Books

Fixed issue compiling Personal Books with images on Mac. (Thread)

Reading Plans

Fixed issue where the calendar view for Reading Plans was off by a day on Mac when Region was set to United Kingdom and the First Day of Week was set to Sunday. (Thread)

Resource Preview

The “Visit Logos.com” link on resource previews for items within a collection should load a more useful resource page than previously. (Thread)

Search Panel

Fixed bug that caused the “Sense” column in Bible Search Analysis to be missing. (Thread.)

Visual Filters

Fixed crash when turning on the Propositional Outlines visual filter. (Thread and Thread.)
Fixed issue with the Bible Text Only filter and the King James Version (KJV1900) bible where verses were overlapping in some sections. (Thread)


Selecting text in Wikipedia with text previously selected in a resource and applying a highlight will now correctly apply it to the Wiki text. (Thread)
Removed the “__NOTOC__ ” bad label, and fixed issue where the multi-line image did not appear correctly. (Thread.)

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