Logos 6.0a RC 1

Logos 6.0a RC 1 ( was released on November 18, 2014.

New Features


We have added support for using Apple’s newer URL downloading APIs, which may help with the download issues with OS 10.10 Yosemite. At this time it is optional and can be enabled by typing the following command into the Terminal OS X application:

  • defaults write com.logos.Logos UseURLSession -bool YES


Using middle-click on a link within the Wikipedia panel will open the link in a new instance of the Wikipedia panel, to match common “open in new tab” functionality.

Bug Fixes


Fixed crash when closing atlas panel as atlas synchronization finishes.

Fixed issue where {Section <Event ####>} wasn’t returning any results. (Thread)

Bible Word Study

Fixed crash reordering then refreshing guide Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the Senses section to be empty after dragging the section to another position.

Fixed issue where Clause Search could find results when there should have been none. (Thread)


The text formatting toolbar on Mac no longer incorrectly scales with text scaling. (Thread)


Fixed bug that caused ‘Home’ and ‘End’ keys to not work on Windows in Factbook panel.
Added hovertip when hovering over the Google Maps hyperlink in ‘See Also’ section.

Groups Tool

Fixe bug that caused “By Recent” sort for Community Notes to not work on Windows.


Added hovertip to the resource title to the right of the article title link in Journals Section.

Clicking on a reference heading from Inline Search results will open a new, unfiltered tab of the resource at that location.


Fixed bug that caused panel placement to give too much priority to single panel floating windows. (Thread.)

LLS Resources

Fixed crash when running Inline search in LLS:ICRWJKC for ‘Institutes’.


Fixed issue where shortcut icons were oversized on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused ‘Marvin Olasky’ to be duplicated in Add Community Tag Dropdown.


Added Ctrl/Cmd+F support for maps in the Biblical Places Maps resource.

Media Resources

Added Google Maps links to the “Biblical Places Maps” resource.

My Library

Fixed bug that caused Ctrl+L to open Library in docked panel instead of a floating window on Windows. (Thread.)

  • Note: This will be fixed on Mac in a later release.


Fixed bug that caused the editor cursor to blink during text input.
Fixed bug that caused the accents menu placement to be incorrect on Mac.

Personal Books

Fixed issue where the Personal Book compiler was allowing text boxes with invalid identifiers, which would cause sync errors. (Thread)

Reading Plans

Fixed potential issue with custom reading plans created in Logos 6, synced to a Logos 5 install, which is then updated to Logos 6. They could not appear in Documents menu after the update.
Fixed bug when selecting different predefined reading plans didn’t unselect previous plan on Mac.

Search Panel Media

Fixed crash when running a search in “All Resources” in Media Search for: sheep NEAR dog. (Thread.)

Smart Selection

Holding the Alt key with Smart Select off will no longer toggle it on. Holding Alt with Smart Select on will still toggle it off while the key is held.

Visual Copy

Fixed potential hang when closing the app while loading network requests on a slow network connection.
Fixed bug that caused the app to hang when navigating with the down/up arrow through the results.


Fixed several issues with Wikipedia and Highlighting: (Thread)

  • Keyboard shortcuts for adding and removing Highlights now work correctly.
  • Highlighting can now be erased properly. (Note: when erasing the only remaining highlight on a page, it must be refreshed to disappear. This is being fixed.)
  • Fixed issue where having selected text in a resource panel would highlight instead of more recently selected text in Wikipedia panel. (Note: Currently they both highlight. This is being fixed.)
  • Added the correct “Open/Remove Annotations” context menu options for Wikipedia highlights.

Running Wikipedia from a resource not in English will properly detect the language and open the appropriate-language page (e.g. Cristo from a Spanish resource).

Word Lists

Fixed issue where the Search box for the Merge dropdown was placed incorrectly on Mac when program scaling was set over 100%.
Fixed bug that caused the list box on the right in the Merge dropdown menu to be selectable while it is ‘greyed’ out.

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