Logos 6.0a

Note: We have added support for using Apple’s newer URL downloading APIs, which may help with the download issues with OS 10.10 Yosemite.

At this time it is optional and can be enabled by typing the following command into the Terminal OS X application:

  • defaults write com.logos.Logos UseURLSession -bool YES

New Features


Implemented Atlas links in the context menu for maps that have been tagged with the relevant BK entity. As more maps are added, more entities will have these links. (Thread)

  • Examples: Place: “Jerusalem” (Mk 10:32), Event: “Gerasenes” (Mk 5:1), Person: “Jacob” (Mark 12:26).


Added the Info panel (“i” in the top right corner) to Atlas, Bible Sense Lexicon, Factbook, and Timeline.

  • Added Citation support for these tools from the Info panel.


Added support for Print/Export to the panel menu for Factbook entries.
Added “Save as Passage List” to “Referred to as” section in Factbook.


Added support for the full style path when searching using Highlighting styles:

  • {Highlight Style Name}
  • {Highlight Palette Name/Style Name}useful if multiple palettes have a style with the same name but you want to find just one
  • {Highlight Palette Name/*}all styles in that palette
  • {Highlight "Palette / Name" / "Style/Name"}for palettes or styles that contain a slash in the name

Home Page

Moved the “Courses” section to the Home Page sidebar from the main content tile pane.

Home Page & Interactive Resources

Updated to Chromium 37-equivalent version of CEF.

  • This provides improved font rendering in the Home Page and Interactive resources.


Altered the panel placement algorithm so that, when panel types are similar, Guides will prefer the larger panel. This prevents them from opening in unwanted, very small panels. (Thread)

Search Panel Basic

In Everything Search “Atlas” section a link has been added to open a separate panel to show all results in Atlas.

Visual Copy

Added support for Keynote in Visual Copy on Mac.

Bug Fixes


Fixed bug that caused the hyperlinks to be incorrectly aligned in the About panel on Mac.

Ask the Author

Fixed bug that caused the background color to be incorrect when working offline on Mac.


Fixed crash when clicking ‘Fit’ when atlas panel width is smaller than the side bar on Windows.
Fixed issue where clicking ‘Fit’ didn’t center the map in the visible pane.
Fixed crash when closing atlas panel as atlas synchronization finishes.
Fixed bug which caused the notification bar to remain open even after Internet has been restored and new maps have been loaded.
Hovering over the solid flag in the map will correctly show the hover tip on Mac.
Previously when you have a search in Atlas for example “Jerusalem”, the “Media search” link would just do a plain text search for “Jerusalem” - but now it correctly searches for “<Place Jerusalem>”.
Fixed bug when right-clicking on hyperlinks in the Atlas panel would show two context menus on Mac.

Fixed issue where {Section <Event ####>} wasn’t returning any results. (Thread)

Bible Sense Lexicon

Fixed crash caused by collapsing all graph levels on Mac.

Bible Word Study

Fixed crash reordering then refreshing guide Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the Senses section to be empty after dragging the section to another position.
Hovering over the Clause search hyperlink in Clause Participants section will now show a hover tip on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the prepositions to be truncated in “Preposition Use” section on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused “Settings” menu to select a different translation to not be displayed in the Case Frames section.

Fixed issue where Clause Search could find results when there should have been none. (Thread)


The text formatting toolbar on Mac no longer incorrectly scales with text scaling. (Thread)

Command Box

Fixed issue where “open [book] in new window” wasn’t being recognized as a valid command. (Thread)
Fixed crash when pasting shortcut link into Command Bar. (Thread.)

Context Menu

Fixed bug that caused Speaker data to not have “Show Information” option in Context Menu.
The Context Menu for a headword will now give the option of looking it up in Wikipedia.
Fixed bug that caused “Add note to selection” to not correctly capture selection. (Thread.)

Facsimile Resources

Fixed issue where pages in facsimile resources would switch between black & white and color when navigating between pages. (Thread)


Fixed issue where closing a Factbook page while it was loading could cause a crash. (Thread)
Removed extra space in the bottom of the Library Results section on Windows.
Removed empty space in hover tips when hovering over events in the Event section.
Fixed bug that caused ‘Home’ and ‘End’ keys to not work on Windows in Factbook panel.
Added hovertip when hovering over the Google Maps hyperlink in ‘See Also’ section.
Fixed issue where some lemmas were missing hovertip data, and some Hebrew lemmas were not displaying right-to-left. (Thread)

Groups Tool

Fixe bug that caused “By Recent” sort for Community Notes to not work on Windows.


Added hovertip to the resource title to the right of the article title link in Journals Section.


Fixed issue where the Orange Outline highlighting style wasn’t displaying properly. (Thread)

Home Page

Fixed bug where closing the downloaded update/resource notification with the popup window showing would result in a permanent popup.


Fixed bug that caused the Information to take forever to load since it was loading too many footnotes. (Thread.)

Fixed issue where Inline Search was suggesting Freebase articles as autocomplete options. (Thread)
Clicking on a reference heading from Inline Search results will open a new, unfiltered tab of the resource at that location.


Fixed bug that caused the Copy option to be greyed out and not available in Information panel of the Interactive resources on Windows.


Fixed bug that caused panel placement to give too much priority to single panel floating windows. (Thread.)

LLS Resources

Fixed crash when running Inline search in LLS:ICRWJKC for ‘Institutes’.


Updated translations for UI elements in Logos 6, primarily focused on Spanish, with some additional French, German, and Portugese translations.


Fixed issue where shortcut icons were oversized on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused ‘Marvin Olasky’ to be duplicated in Add Community Tag Dropdown.


Fixed potential crash when scrolling through resources or opening tools in Yosemite. (Thread)
Fixed crash caused by too many open files.


Added Ctrl/Cmd+F support for maps in the Biblical Places Maps resource.

Media Resources

Added Google Maps links to the “Biblical Places Maps” resource.
Fixed bug that caused the video thumbnails to have no left padding in Overview view on Mac.

My Library

Fixed bug that caused Ctrl+L to open Library in docked panel instead of a floating window on Windows. (Thread.)

  • Note: This will be fixed on Mac in a later release.


Fixed bug that caused the editor cursor to blink during text input.
Fixed bug that caused the accents menu placement to be incorrect on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the Spellchecker icon in Notes to display the wrong tooltip on Mac. (Thread.)

Passage Guide

Fixed bug that caused the Sermon section to show the sermon dates incorrectly on Mac.

Personal Books

Fixed issue where the Personal Book compiler was allowing text boxes with invalid identifiers, which would cause sync errors. (Thread)


Fixed issue where items in the English Audio Pronunciation Dataset list weren’t sorted correctly. (Thread)

Read Aloud

Fixed bug that caused Read Aloud stop navigating for “poetic” portions of text. (Thread and Thread.)

Reading Plans

Fixed potential issue with custom reading plans created in Logos 6, synced to a Logos 5 install, which is then updated to Logos 6. They could not appear in Documents menu after the update.
Fixed bug when selecting different predefined reading plans didn’t unselect previous plan on Mac.
When creating a Reading Plan, all of the drop downs are now blue text not just “by myself” on Mac.

Resource Panel

Faithlife icon is no longer missing in Resource About Panel on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the Biblical People Diagrams resource to not display the Titles or Skin selector dropdown on Mac.

Fixed crash when closing Search panel while books.logos.com section was loading.
Fixed crash when searching for <Topic Sin>, <Topic Resurrection>. (Thread.)
Running a Media Search for <Place Ephesus> will now show results in Online Results section.
Fixed issue where results from {Section <LiteraryTyping>} were being returned from non-Bibles. (Thread)
Fixed bug that caused the books.logos.com search section see all link to be clipped.
Freebase suggestions will only be given when explicitly searching “Community Tags”.
Running an Everything Search for <Topic Sin> will no longer incorrectly show Factbook result for “<Place Pelusium>”.
Fixed issue where the top section of Everything Search (preferred Bible) wasn’t respecting the choice of “Match all word forms” setting. (Thread)

Search Panel Media

Fixed crash when running a search in “All Resources” in Media Search for: sheep NEAR dog. (Thread.)

Sermon Starter Guide

Added Factbook link into Sermon Starter Guide.


“Check Spelling While Typing” is no longer out of order in Program Settings. (Thread.)

Smart Selection

Holding the Alt key with Smart Select off will no longer toggle it on. Holding Alt with Smart Select on will still toggle it off while the key is held.


Timeline resources are no longer broken and are being displayed correctly on Mac.

Visual Copy

Fixed potential hang when closing the app while loading network requests on a slow network connection.
Fixed bug that caused the app to hang when navigating with the down/up arrow through the results.
Changed auto-filled author name from “last, first” to “first last”. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused clicking “Actual Size” or “Fit” to not work correctly.
Fixed issue where links in Visual Filters (such as Reading Plan links) didn’t have the hand icon when hovering over the link. (Thread)
Fixed hang when closing the Visual Copy panel.


Fixed several issues with Wikipedia and Highlighting: (Thread)

  • Keyboard shortcuts for adding and removing Highlights now work correctly.
  • Highlighting can now be erased properly. (Note: when erasing the only remaining highlight on a page, it must be refreshed to disappear. This is being fixed.)
  • Fixed issue where having selected text in a resource panel would highlight instead of more recently selected text in Wikipedia panel. (Note: Currently they both highlight. This is being fixed.)
  • Added the correct “Open/Remove Annotations” context menu options for Wikipedia highlights.

Running Wikipedia from a resource not in English will properly detect the language and open the appropriate-language page (e.g. Cristo from a Spanish resource).
Using middle-click on a link within the Wikipedia panel will open the link in a new instance of the Wikipedia panel, to match common “open in new tab” functionality.
Opening the Wikipedia information panel and clicking Copy under a citation will now correctly copy the information to the clipboard.

Word Lists

Fixed issue where the Search box for the Merge dropdown was placed incorrectly on Mac when program scaling was set over 100%.
Fixed bug that caused the list box on the right in the Merge dropdown menu to be selectable while it is ‘greyed’ out.

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