Logos 6.0 SR-4

Logos 6.0 SR-4 ( was released on November 10, 2014.

New Features


Added a link for many Event entries (Judges Govern Israel, Life of Jesus, etc) to open the Biblical Event Navigator interactive to that event.

  • Note: This requires a resource update, which should be published shortly after SR-4 is made available.

Bug Fixes


Fixed bug which caused Atlas panel to freeze when opening a map into existing background panel. (This thread.)

Fixed bug where labels added in reverse resource order (e.g. Gen 3, Gen 2, Gen 1) were only giving one result for {Label} searches. (Thread)

Command Box

Fixed crash when entering a period at the end of the URL entered in the Command Box.

Context Menu

Fixed issue where using “Copy” on images from the context menu was copying small thumbnails instead of the full image. (Thread and Thread)

Copy Bible Verses

Fixed bug that caused the version selector dropdown menu to show up as empty when setting panel scaling to the 3rd tick from the right on Mac. (Thread.)

Home Page

Fixed bug that caused the notification drop down to stay open when closing Home Page on Mac.


Fixed DivideByZero crash caused by the custom dictionary when the username contains non-ASCII characters. (Thread)

Media Resources

Fixed bug that caused the video to not be displayed correctly when selecting to view in full screen on a display such as MacBook Pro 15inch. (Thread.)

Passage Guide

Fixed crash when running a search and having a resource hit (Journal or Sermon) while the new article is indexing.
Fixed crash when running the Thematic Outlines section in Swedish.

Resource Panel

Fixed crash creating note indicator when scrolling through resource on Mac. (Thread.)

Topic Guide

Fixed bug that caused the Topic section to not display ‘Related Topics’.


Fixed bug that caused “Sultanate of Rum” page to be rendered incorrectly. (Thread.)
Fixed potential crash when loading an article with a lot of files then canceling and loading another article during the download images phase.

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