Logos 6.0 SR-2

Logos 6.0 SR-2 ( was released on October 30, 2014.

For what’s new in Logos 6, see Logos 6.0 Release Notes.

New Features

Ask the Author

Questions asked anywhere in a resource will now display in the Ask the Author panel regardless of your current location, to more easily discover questions.

  • When text is selected, only questions within that text range will display.

Bug Fixes


Fixed crash when switching a map while zooming.

Exegetical Guide

Added Gregory-Aland numbers to the Online Manuscripts results of Textual Variants, which were missing.
Fixed issue where the Word by Word section wasn’t displaying properly on Mac with Program Scaling set above 100%. (Thread)


Fixed bug that would cause Online Manuscripts descriptions to be truncated in the Textual Variants section.

Home Page

The Home Page “Today’s Readings” section no longer limits to only 8 Readings. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused gaps to appear between the tiles. (Thread.)
Added the scroll bar to the dropdown for Resources Updated on Mac. (Thread.)


Fixed crash when launching app in Portuguese on Mac 10.10.

Media Resources

Fixed issue that caused videos to not play when Program Scaling was set to more than 100% on Mac. (Thread.)


Pronunciation speaker icon is no longer missing from Information tool on Mac.

Read Aloud

Fixed crash while using Read Aloud in the ESV (with narrator David Cochran Heath) and LEB resources. (Thread and Thread and Thread.)

Known Issues

Media Resources

Increasing Program Scaling decreases the size of videos on Mac.

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