Logos 6.0 SR-1

Logos 6.0 SR-1 ( was released on October 29, 2014.

For what’s new in Logos 6, see Logos 6.0 Release Notes.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that caused verb lemma hits to be missing from the Clause Participants Semantic results.


Fixed crash caused by bad citation metadata in Perseus resources. (Thread.)


Fixed bug which caused the link to “Manage Document Sharing” to be broken in the Documents panel menu.


Running a Factbook search that has Lemma results will no longer crash if one does not own a reverse interlinear resource.

Home Page

Answered prayers will no longer appear under “Todays Prayers” on the Home Page. (Thread.)


Fixed bug which caused footnote markers to appear in the Interactive “Counting the Ten Commandments”.


Fixed issue where setting Program Scaling above 100% on Mac 10.10 Yosemite could cause large, empty white space when viewing the library, and for the mouse to not select in the right area. (Thread)
Removed the “TextPanel” text that showed up in the Library Information panel on Mac.

Media Resources

Fixed crash opening resource LLS:LOGOSBBLIMG.

Prayer List

Fixed crash opening up a shared Prayer List document when app is offline.

Reverse Interlinear

Fixed crash navigating to Parallel Resources with arrow keys in the ESV with Reverse Interlinear panel opened.

Search Panel

Fixed bug which caused the lemma drop down to stop working after selecting the first lemma. (Thread).

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