Logos 5.3 Beta 2

Logos 5.3 Beta 2 ( was released on September 16, 2014.

New Features

   Added “32-bit” description to About Logos Bible Software panel when running 32-bit app. (See this suggestion.)

Bug Fixes

   Column headers will now correctly move and resize when dragging columns.
   Fixed issue with loading rows while scrolling through Library Details view quickly.

   Fixed crash in Sympathetic Highlighting filter related to missing resource checks with reverse interlinears. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue where the application title was drawing incorrectly after switching layouts. (See this thread.)

Personal Book Builder
   Personal books will now build correctly from resources with embedded images. (See this thread.)

Read Aloud
   Fixed crash when scrolling in a resource while Reading Aloud. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
   Fixed issue which caused logos URLS not to copy via “Copy Location” when selecting text at the beginning of an article. (See this thread.)

   Disabled memory-mapped I/O for writable databases to see if it reduces corruption.
Visual Filters
   Fixed issue where hyphenations could occur when text is reflowed after applying a visual filter. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

   Fixed issue with incorrect font characters displaying in NA27 due to missing font. (See this thread.)

Morph Search
   Fixed crash when running certain morph searches on Mac OS X Yosemite. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
   Fixed crash when navigating to a reference in the Reference box using the keyboard. (See this thread.)

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