Logos 5.3 Beta 1

Logos 5.3 Beta 1 ( was released on August 27, 2014.


5.3 Beta 1 has a lot of major changes under-the-hood, and could potentially be unstable. These changes don’t dramatically impact the UI, but are laying the foundation for future improvements in performance, scalability and functionality.

  • 64 Bit. Logos is now a 64-bit program (for all Mac users, and for most Windows users).
  • Code rewrite. A core component was rewritten in C# and native C++ for greater cross-platform support and performance. This has introduced a large amount of completely new code.
  • Memory-mapped I/O. Many Logos databases are now accessed through a technology known as “memory-mapped I/O”; while this should be faster, it’s completely new code.
  • New C++ compilers. The code is now compiled with the newest C++ compilers on both Windows and Mac.

As per Important Announcement for Windows XP, Vista, OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 users, Logos 5.3 requires Windows 7 or OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” or later.

Installing the 64-bit 5.3 Beta 1 and 32-bit 5.2b on the same Windows computer (e.g., in different user accounts) will not work; the 32-bit version will crash at startup after 5.3 is installed.

New Features

   Added three new citation styles:

  • Modern Humanities Research Association
  • Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum
  • Pontifical Biblical Institute

Personal Book Builder
   Implemented Personal Book sync.

  • After compiling a Personal Book, the “Upload” button will appear when selecting the resource from the list.
  • After uploading a Personal Book, the PB will be downloaded on other Windows/Mac installations (v. 5.3 and above) when updating resources.

   Implemented shorthand syntax for Datatype:Reference Data in Personal Books. See this thread for details.

Visual Filters
   The Visual Filter menu has been redone: (See this thread, this thread, this thread and this Uservoice.)

  • Visual Filters are now listed under a category: Resource, Community Notes, Notes, Reading Plans, and Visual Filters.
  • Toggling a category off will disable all visual filters within that category (without deselecting them). Toggling the category on will re-enable all selected filters.
  • Implemented options for “Select all” and “Unselect all” for categories.
  • Implemented options for “Show in all appropriate resources” and “Do not show in any resources” for individual filters.

Bug Fixes

   Added specific color for Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical books in sparklines (e.g. under Septuagint Translation in Bible Word Study) instead of using the same color as Revelation.

Personal Book Builder
   Fixed issue where URLs in PB tables were being split strangely and filling the vertical space of a table cell. (See this thread.)

Reading Plans
   The “Start Reading” visual filter will no longer be offscreen when opening links from Reading Plans.

Bug Fixes for Mac

   The hover tooltip for community tags on resources in the Resource Info panel of Library now appears correctly. (See this thread.)
Read Aloud
   Fixed issue where certain choices of System Narrator caused bullet points and location indicators to be pronounced as “comma” during Read Aloud. (See this thread.)

Known Issues

   Greek Lemmas (Erasmian) and Greek Lemmas (Modern) are not yet supported in 5.3.

Known Issues for Windows

   Installing the 64-bit 5.3 Beta 1 on a computer will disable any 32-bit copies of Logos 5.2b installed on the same computer (e.g., in different user accounts).

   Currently, resizing column widths in Details View will properly resize the contents, but not the column headers.

Known Issues for Mac

   Scrolling in Details View does not display all resource information (title, author, etc). Moving your mouse over the empty row will make them be shown. This also affects Analysis views in Search.

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