Logos 5.2b SR-9

Logos 5.2b SR-9 ( was released on January 27, 2015.

New Features

Bible Data Type

Added ability to recognize several new alternate Bible book titles for German.

Bug Fixes


Fixed crash caused by closing the Guide panel after adding a section from the “Add Section” button on Mac.

Fixed crash when using the Image Search. (Thread and Thread)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Fixed issue where the Alt/Opt key was still being recognized as pressed after release for other shortcuts (i.e. Alt+L). (Thread)


Fixed bug that caused the readings in Lectionary resources to not display verse numbers. (Thread.)

Read Aloud

Fixe bug when navigating to different locations in resource while Read Aloud was playing would cause the Narrator to duplicate on Mac 10.10. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that caused the Logos COM API to not register correctly. (Thread and Thread.)

Smart Selection

Holding the Alt key with Smart Select off will no longer toggle it on. Holding Alt with Smart Select on will still toggle it off while the key is held.


Fixed crash when closing the sign-in dialog while signing in on Windows.

Visual Filters

Fixed crash in Visual Filter Document that was caused by updating the markup styles in Highlighting panel on Mac.

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