Logos 5.2b SR-4

Logos 5.2b SR-4 ( was released on October 1, 2014.

Bug Fixes

   Fixed bug in Translation section of Information panel in Spanish & Dutch UI which caused English words to be in the wrong order.

Personal Books
   Compiling a book with English milestones and references as a different language (in PBB settings) will now compile correctly.

   Added the resource info for Pronunciation resources to the list in About Logos Bible Software.

Bug Fixes for Mac

   The “Translation” section of Settings for the Information panel now correctly appears on Mac. (See this thread.)

   Fixed issue which prevented LLS:1000.3.3 (Nelson’s Electronic Bible Reference Library User’s Guide) from being able to be scanned into Logos. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Verbum

Passage Guide
   The Liturgy section in Verbum will now use the article title instead of ToC entry.

  • For example, the first result for Matt 4:1-11 in the Catholic Lectionary will now say “First Sunday of Lent, Year A” instead of just “Year A”.

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