Logos 5.2b Beta 6

Logos 5.2b Beta 6 ( was released on July 28, 2014.

New Features

   Added ‘Quick Buy’ option to the Bookstore section.

Program Settings
   Added support for Noto Sans and Noto Serif fonts for Greek.

Bug Fixes

Context Menu
   Fixed bug which caused ‘Search this resource’ search settings to be saved for the ‘Root’. (See this thread.)

   The Guides menu will now correctly list alternate versification for Sermon Starter Guides. (See this thread.)

Home Page
   Added a hyperlink to the ‘Recent Reading Lists’ that opens the Reading Lists panel to ‘All Lists’. (See this thread.)

Pronunciation Tool
   All Hebrew lemmas with vowels are no longer being excluded in the search results.

   Implemented a fix that should make it less likely to crash with an OutOfMemory exception when running a Passage Guide on “Gen-Rev” with a large library. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
   Fixed bug which caused the Community Tags to not wrap in the resource About panel. (See this thread.
   Indexes correctly displays ‘Year/Month/Day’ instead of ‘YearMonthDay’ in LLS:CATHLECT. (See this thread.)
   The ‘coincidingday’ and ‘liturgicaltexts’ fields in LLS:CATHLECT have been fixed to show the field and description correctly. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug which caused the shortcut for an unowned resource to not show the product image.

   Added listing of number of results next to each document when searching My Content. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue with Volume/Page/Line milestones breaking Morph Search. This will require user to “rebuild indexes” to see the change. (See this thread.)

Sermon Starter Guide
   Hovering mouse over the Sermon Starter Guide and pressing F7 will display the quick comparison window just like it does for Passage Guide.

Topic Guide
   Fixed bug that did not include the ‘BSL’, ‘Search for’ and ‘See Also’ when copying the Topic section.

Bug Fixes for Mac

   Icons for mobile applications in the “Download to:” section of Resource Info now have hover tooltips with the name of the app.

LLS Resources
   Fixed crash clicking Unit 9 Quiz hyperlink in LLS:TH101JOHNSON resource.
   Fixed missing text in resources in OS X 10.10 “Yosemite”. (See this thread.)

   Fixed bug in “Report Typo” where it was possible to create a second Report window; right-clicking a resource with a Report Typo window open now closes the existing window. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug which caused the resource image to be grayed out when hovering over the resource.

Known Issues

Bible Facts
   Bible Facts data may become unavailable after updating from Beta 5 to Beta 6. Run update resources to download the missing data resources.

Known Issues for Mac

   Image thumbnails are grayed out in Bible Facts and Guides but they are still clickable.

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