Logos 5.2b Beta 4

Logos 5.2b Beta 4 ( was released on July 8, 2014.

Bug Fixes

   The Bookstore section will now produce results for Bible references in Logos. This section is still currently disabled for Verbum.
   Bookstore will include results in other languages (e.g. Spanish) and will now prioritize user language above other languages.
   The “more” link for Topic/Theme searches in Bookstore will continue to add results up to the full list, and will link to Logos.com for reference searches.
   The Bookstore on Verbum will now correctly display book cover images.

Command Box
   Fixed bug when typing ‘Insights on Revelation’ into the command box gave only one option to ‘Open Insights on Revelation to Revelation 2:1-7’. (See this thread.)

   If a section does not give any results then it no longer expands and shows ‘no results’.

   Hover tip displays the verse not just the resource name when hovering over the resource hyperlinks in the Translated section of the Information pane. (See this thread.)

Parallel Resources
   Removed the restriction which prevented Ancient Manuscripts being parallel to Monographs. (See this thread.)

Search Panel Morph
   Improved “Add Versions” to include all text for non-Bibles when the ‘content’ field is empty. Previously would display blank results. (See this thread and this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Windows

Home Page
   Dropping a shortcut to the far right of the last shortcut no longer puts it to the left.

   Fixed bug which caused the spacing to be lost between the text and parenthesis when selecting the groups with keyboard navigation in Library Details View. (See this thread.)

   Fixed bug which caused Logos to not render correctly the Khmer Unicode. (See this thread.)

   Fixed issue where RightAlt+A was being treated as Ctrl+A in Notes, preventing the entry of hatef-qamets with Hebrew keyboards. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

   Fixed bug which caused the default font style to be bold, italicized and all caps whether you typed or copy and pasted in a new Notes document. (See this thread.)
Search Panel Basic
   Fixed bug when clicking on the title in Basic search did not open the Resource. (See this thread.)

Sentence Diagrammer
   Fixed bug which caused the text font changes to not apply when clicking on selection text in ‘Text’ drop down menu.
   Highlighted text now shows changes right away, not after you click out of the text box.

Syntax Search
   Fixed crash which could occur when changing the search range after running a search. (See this thread.)

Known Issues

   Bible reference searches will currently display “No results” for Verbum, as we improve results.
   The book title hyperlink text on Mac isn’t blue.

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