Logos 5.2b Beta 3

Logos 5.2b Beta 3 ( was released on June 18, 2014.

New Features

   Implemented the Bookstore section, which lists resources available that will improve the results of your current Guide search.

  • The Bookstore section is enabled by default for Passage Guide, Sermon Starter Guide, and Topic Guide, and can be added to Exegetical Guide.

   This section introduced a lot of “moving parts” and utilizes the new CEF browser, and thus warrants some extra attention from Beta users.
   It is still under active development. Please see Known Issues for things we are already aware of that didn’t make the deadline for Beta 3.

   Implemented Verbum beta app for Mac and Windows. (See this thread)

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study
   Multiple-word lemma links in ‘Senses’ section are now separated by a space.

   Updated the Turabian citation style to version 8.

   Fixed an issue where the Sermon section would re-expand collapsed section headers when clicking the “more >>” link to list more sermon collections. (See this thread.)

Lectionary Layout
   Setting advanced prioritization for a Bible, for links from a particular lectionary, will open that Bible in the Lectionary Layout when that lectionary is opened from the Home Page. (See this thread.)

Morph Search
   Added [match holem-haser] to the Hebrew matching options to distinguish between U+05B9 HOLAM and U+05BA HOLAM HASER FOR VAV.
   Improved autocomplete results when entering items directly (entries not preceded by lemma: or root:). Example: “yhw” in BHW 4.18, or pasting “יטב חֲבַרְבּוּרָה”. These will now list lemmas instead of merely transliterations.

My Library
   Fixed issue where collapsing a group in Details view with selected items would bold the group titles below the collapsed group. (See this thread.)

Passage Guide
   Added the “contains-cross-reference-footnote” trait to a huge number of resources, which should now populate in the Cross References section of Passage Guide. (See this thread and this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Verbum

Program Settings
   The “Default Resource Font” option was missing on Verbum. It has been restored. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

   Fixed truncation of Capsule text effect in Mac Highlighting Panel.

   Fixed a crash which could occur when closing Library panels on Mac. (See this thread and this thread and this thread.)

My Library
   Fixed an issue where having the Library open in Cover view, restarting, and opening with that recent layout caused Library Cover view to be blank. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue where selecting a resource while the Library Cover view was displaying a Collection showed the resource as not being part of a Collection. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
   Fixed bug which caused the Community Tags to not be shown in the resource About panel. (See this thread.)

Known Issues

   The Bookstore section will not currently produce results for Bible references, as we improve results. The section will be in the guide, but it will display “No results”.
   Bookstore will include results in other languages (e.g. Spanish) and currently won’t prioritize user language above other languages.
   The “more” link in Sermon Starter and Topic Guides will currently list an additional 5 resources, but the link will not reappear to view all results.
   The Bookstore on Verbum currently does not currently display book cover images.
   The book title hyperlink text on Mac isn’t blue.

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