Logos 5.2b Beta 2

Logos 5.2b Beta 2 ( was released on May 28, 2014.

Bug Fixes

LLS Resources
   Fixed bug that showed no parallel resources for DSSSE (LLS:8.20.3).

   “1 Johannes 1” was autocompleted as “1. Johannes 1” in the German UI but wouldn’t parse with the added period. This will now parse correctly. (See this thread)

My Library
   Page Up/Down now work correctly in Library Details view, whether focus is on a resource or the Find box, and no longer what resource is selected in the Info panel. (See this thread.)
   Resource and user-defined Series will now correctly sort in Library Details view, ignoring A, An, The, etc. for alphabetization. (See this thread.)

Passage Guide
   Fixed regression which omitted Cross References that didn’t match the datatype of the highest prioritized Bible. (See this thread.)
   The “Compare Versions” section of Passage Guide will now correctly skip prioritized Bibles that do not contain the guide’s reference or which are excluded via advanced prioritization. (See this thread.)

Rich Text
   Fixed bug which most bullet points to disappear when applying other formatting to a list in Notes/Clippings. (See this thread.)

Text Comparison
   Fixed issue where “Ignore Marks” for Greek wasn’t working correctly, causing TC to find false ‘differences’ from the base text. (See this thread.)

   Fixed bug that could prevent a database being marked as corrupted for auto-recovery.

Bug Fixes for Mac

   Fixed bug which caused text in the Highlighting panel to be clipped when using certain fonts such as ‘Default Logos 4’ resource font.

   Fixed Mono issue which was causing frequent crashes on Mac installs when working online. It should be safe to use Logos Mac online again.

Resource Panel
   Fixed crash when clicking link §29 in LLS:LRNBIBHEB. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixed for Windows

   Fixed bug which caused the Logos shortcut icon to appear blank after each update. (See this thread.)

   Fixed crash when attempting to print from LLS:LBG71PHP when resource font is Euphemia.

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