Logos 5.2b Beta 1

Logos 5.2b Beta 1 ( was released on May 14, 2014.

New Features

Information Panel
   Added a settings tab for Lemma(Latin) to customize info display for Latin lemmas.

   Replaced the Awesomium embedded web browser with CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework). This should improve stability and reduce non-reproducible crashes.

My Library
   Added ‘Delete tag from all resources’ option in Tag context menu. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study
   Running BWS on lemmas from the Qumran Sectarian Manuscript will now correctly list the “Sectarian Dead Sea Scrolls” section under Textual Searches.

Book Bugs
   In LLS:AUTHCHRNTY the Read Aloud now starts reading at the users current location rather than backing up to the beginning of an article.

   Citations will now prefer Bible references for Bibles, then page references, then the first supported reference by citation style. (See this thread.)

Home Page
   One-year lectionaries (CW1YLECT and LTRSRV1YLECT) will now display their readings properly in the Lectionary sidebar tool. (See this thread.)

Media Resources
   Improved the video resource error message when working offline.

My Library
   Added a hover tip when hovering over a truncated tag. (See this thread.)
   Pressing the ‘Escape’ key after editing the last tag will no longer delete it. (See this thread.)
   Sorting the Library in between selecting groups of resources will no longer cause the wrong number of resources to be shown. (See this thread.)

Personal Books
   VolumePage milestones can now be correctly linked to, so multi-volume books can be created with internal links. (See this thread.)

Read Aloud
   Bracketed numbers are ignored when reading aloud in resources such as LLS:HOMILBUTLERENG.
   Fixed bug which caused the Read Aloud to skip the first few words in a article in LLS:FSBDEVOTIONAL.

Search Panel Image
   Fixed bug that caused the ‘Maps’ filter to return more results than ‘All Images’ in Image Search. (See this thread.)

   Fixed crash on startup when setting the UI to German language.

Bug Fixes on Windows

My Library
   Double-clicking the boundary between two columns in Details view now correctly resizes the column to fit all that column’s data.
   Fixed issue when Ctrl-click removed the blue selection highlight, but did not actually deselect the resource. (See this thread.)

Media Resources
   Fixed bug which caused the “More Information” hyperlink not to appear in offline video resources.

Bug Fixes on Mac

My Library
   Fixed bug which caused the resource info hover tip to flicker in Library Details view. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue where tag editing couldn’t be done right away when focus was not in the Library panel. (See this thread.)
   Scrolling the Library horizontally to the right and adding or removing a filter will no longer reset the view to the left. (See this thread.)

Known Issues on Mac

Beta 1 on Mac has some instability due to the upgraded version of Mono shipped with it (http://community.logos.com/forums/p/84676/593946.aspx#593946).

  • Setting “Use Internet to No” should prevent those crashes in beta 1 until we can ship an updated version of Mono.
  • We’ve opened several bug reports with the Mono team regarding these issues (https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=19334) and are awaiting a response. In the meantime, the Mac desktop team is discussing alternative work arounds.

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