Logos 5.2b

New Features

Context Menu
   Added ‘Send to Proclaim Church Presentation Software’ option to Context Menu.

   Implemented the Bookstore section, which lists resources available that will improve the results of your current Guide search.

  • The Bookstore section is enabled by default for Passage Guide, Sermon Starter Guide, and Topic Guide, and can be added to Exegetical Guide.
  • Added ‘Quick Buy’ option.

Information Panel
   Added a settings tab for Lemma(Latin) to customize info display for Latin lemmas.

My Library
   Added ‘Delete tag from all resources’ option in Tag context menu. (See this thread.)

Program Settings
   Added support for Noto Sans and Noto Serif fonts for Greek.

   Implemented Verbum beta app for Mac and Windows. (See this thread)

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study
   Running BWS on lemmas from the Qumran Sectarian Manuscript will now correctly list the “Sectarian Dead Sea Scrolls” section under Textual Searches.
   Multiple-word lemma links in ‘Senses’ section are now separated by a space.

Book Bugs
   In LLS:AUTHCHRNTY the Read Aloud now starts reading at the users current location rather than backing up to the beginning of an article.

   The Bookstore section will now produce results for Bible reference in Logos. This section currently does not give results for Passage/Exegetical Guides in Verbum.
   Bookstore will include results in other languages (e.g. Spanish) and will now prioritize user language above other languages.
   The “more” link for Topic/Theme searches in Bookstore will continue to add results up to the full list, and will link to Logos.com for reference searches.
   The Bookstore on Verbum will now correctly display book cover images in Topic/Sermon Starter Guides.

   Citations will now prefer Bible references for Bibles, then page references, then the first supported reference by citation style. (See this thread.)
   Updated the Turabian citation style to version 8.

Command Box
   Fixed bug when typing ‘Insights on Revelation’ into the command box gave only one option to ‘Open Insights on Revelation to Revelation 2:1-7’. (See this thread.)

Context Menu
   Fixed bug that caused ‘Search this resource’ search settings to be saved for the ‘Root’. (See this thread.)

   Fixed overlapping text in Senses section of Bible Word Study. (See this thread.)
   If a section does not give any results then it no longer expands and shows ‘no results’.
   The Guides menu will now correctly list alternate versification for Sermon Starter Guides. (See this thread.)
   Purchasing a resource via the “Quick Buy” button in Bookstore will now give a processing indicator with “Cancel” button for 15 seconds to prevent accidental purchases. After the order is processed, a confirmation message will be displayed.
   Restarting the app with a Preview panel open of a recently purchased resource (e.g. from Quick Buy) will now convert that panel to the open resource, instead of a preview of the now-owned resource.
   Fixed crash when opening Guides while working offline. (See this thread.)
   The “topics.logos.com” section in Topic Guide is now correctly available in Verbum. (See this thread.)
   Bookstore will always list results in your UI language first, and will fall back to other languages if no unowned resources are found in your user language.
   Improved results when clicking the “more” link to Logos.com from Bookstore results in Passage/Exegetical Guides, e.g. “Jeremiah” resulted in the author page for David Jeremiah.

Home Page
   One-year lectionaries (CW1YLECT and LTRSRV1YLECT) will now display their readings properly in the Lectionary sidebar tool. (See this thread.)
   Added a hyperlink to the ‘Recent Reading Lists’ that opens the Reading Lists panel to ‘All Lists’. (See this thread.)

   Hover tip displays the verse not just the resource name when hovering over the resource hyperlinks in the Translated section of the Information pane. (See this thread.)

Lectionary Layout
   Setting advanced prioritization for a Bible, for links from a particular lectionary, will open that Bible in the Lectionary Layout when that lectionary is opened from the Home Page. (See this thread.)

LLS Resources
   Fixed bug that showed no parallel resources for DSSSE (LLS:8.20.3).

   “1 Johannes 1” was autocompleted as “1. Johannes 1” in the German UI but wouldn’t parse with the added period. This will now parse correctly. (See this thread)
   Fixed bug that prevented updates for certain resources. (See this thread and this thread.)

Media Resources
   Improved the video resource error message when working offline.

My Library
   Added a hover tip when hovering over a truncated tag. (See this thread.)
   Pressing the ‘Escape’ key after editing the last tag will no longer delete it. (See this thread.)
   Sorting the Library in between selecting groups of resources will no longer cause the wrong number of resources to be shown. (See this thread.)
   Page Up/Down now work correctly in Library Details view, whether focus is on a resource or the Find box, and no longer what resource is selected in the Info panel. (See this thread.)
   Resource and user-defined Series will now correctly sort in Library Details view, ignoring A, An, The, etc. for alphabetization. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue where collapsing a group in Details view with selected items would bold the group titles below the collapsed group. (See this thread.)

Morph Search
   Added [match holem-haser] to the Hebrew matching options to distinguish between U+05B9 HOLAM and U+05BA HOLAM HASER FOR VAV.
   Improved autocomplete results when entering items directly (entries not preceded by lemma: or root:). Example: “yhw” in BHW 4.18, or pasting “יטב חֲבַרְבּוּרָה”. These will now list lemmas instead of merely transliterations.

Parallel Resources
   Removed the restriction which prevented Ancient Manuscripts being parallel to Monographs. (See this thread.)

Passage Guide
   Fixed regression which omitted Cross References that didn’t match the datatype of the highest prioritized Bible. (See this thread.)
   The “Compare Versions” section of Passage Guide will now correctly skip prioritized Bibles that do not contain the guide’s reference or which are excluded via advanced prioritization. (See this thread.)
   Added the “contains-cross-reference-footnote” trait to a huge number of resources, which should now populate in the Cross References section of Passage Guide. (See this thread and this thread.)

Personal Books
   VolumePage milestones can now be correctly linked to, so multi-volume books can be created with internal links. (See this thread.)

   Exporting a document will no longer convert spaces in the file name to underscores. (See this thread.)

Pronunciation Tool
   All Hebrew lemmas with vowels are no longer being excluded in the search results.

Read Aloud
   Bracketed numbers are ignored when reading aloud in resources such as LLS:HOMILBUTLERENG.
   Fixed bug that caused the Read Aloud to skip the first few words in a article in LLS:FSBDEVOTIONAL.

Resource Panel
   Fixed bug that caused the Community Tags to not wrap in the resource About panel. (See this thread.
   Indexes correctly displays ‘Year/Month/Day’ instead of ‘YearMonthDay’ in LLS:CATHLECT. (See this thread.)
   The ‘coincidingday’ and ‘liturgicaltexts’ fields in LLS:CATHLECT have been fixed to show the field and description correctly. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug that caused the shortcut for an unowned resource to not show the product image.

Rich Text
   Fixed bug that most bullet points to disappear when applying other formatting to a list in Notes/Clippings. (See this thread.)

   Added listing of number of results next to each document when searching My Content. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue with Volume/Page/Line milestones breaking Morph Search. This will require user to “rebuild indexes” to see the change. (See this thread.)

Search Panel Image
   Fixed bug that caused the ‘Maps’ filter to return more results than ‘All Images’ in Image Search. (See this thread.)

Search Panel Morph
   Improved “Add Versions” to include all text for non-Bibles when the ‘content’ field is empty. Previously would display blank results. (See this thread and this thread.)

Sermon Starter Guide
   Hovering mouse over the Sermon Starter Guide and pressing F7 will display the quick comparison window just like it does for Passage Guide.

   Fixed crash on startup when setting the UI to German language.

Text Comparison
   Fixed issue where “Ignore Marks” for Greek wasn’t working correctly, causing TC to find false ‘differences’ from the base text. (See this thread.)

   Fixed behavior of “more>>” link, so that e.g. a list of 5 results will not display a “more” link if there is only 1 additional item. (See this thread.)

Topic Guide
   Fixed bug that did not include the ‘BSL’, ‘Search for’ and ‘See Also’ when copying the Topic section.

Bug Fixes on Windows

Home Page
   Dropping a shortcut to the far right of the last shortcut no longer puts it to the left.

   Fixed bug that caused the Logos shortcut icon to appear blank after each update. (See this thread.)

   Double-clicking the boundary between two columns in Details view now correctly resizes the column to fit all that column’s data.
   Fixed issue when Ctrl-click removed the blue selection highlight, but did not actually deselect the resource. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug that caused the spacing to be lost between the text and parenthesis when selecting the groups with keyboard navigation in Library Details View. (See this thread.)

   Fixed bug that caused Logos to not render correctly the Khmer Unicode. (See this thread.)

Media Resources
   Fixed bug that caused the “More Information” hyperlink not to appear in offline video resources.

   Fixed issue where RightAlt+A was being treated as Ctrl+A in Notes, preventing the entry of hatef-qamets with Hebrew keyboards. (See this thread.)

   Fixed crash when attempting to print from LLS:LBG71PHP when resource font is Euphemia.

Bug Fixes for Mac

   Fixed bug that caused text in the Highlighting panel to be clipped when using certain fonts such as ‘Default Logos 4’ resource font.
   Fixed truncation of Capsule text effect in Mac Highlighting Panel.

LLS Resources
   Fixed crash clicking Unit 9 Quiz hyperlink in LLS:TH101JOHNSON resource.

   Fixed Mono issue that was causing frequent crashes on Mac installs when working online.
   Fixed a crash that could occur when closing Library panels on Mac. (See this thread and this thread and this thread.)

   Fixed bug in “Report Typo” where it was possible to create a second Report window; right-clicking a resource with a Report Typo window open now closes the existing window. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug that caused the resource image to be grayed out when hovering over the resource.
   Fixed bug that caused the image thumbnails to be grayed out in Bible Facts and Guides.

My Library
   Icons for mobile applications in the “Download to:” section of Resource Info now have hover tooltips with the name of the app.
   Fixed bug that caused the resource info hover tip to flicker in Library Details view. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue where tag editing couldn’t be done right away when focus was not in the Library panel. (See this thread.)
   Scrolling the Library horizontally to the right and adding or removing a filter will no longer reset the view to the left. (See this thread.)
   Fixed an issue where having the Library open in Cover view, restarting, and opening with that recent layout caused Library Cover view to be blank. (See this thread.)
   Fixed issue where selecting a resource while the Library Cover view was displaying a Collection showed the resource as not being part of a Collection. (See this thread.)

   Fixed bug that caused the default font style to be bold, italicized and all caps whether you typed or copy and pasted in a new Notes document. (See this thread.)

Passage List
   Fixed crash adding verse and edition to Passage List. (See this thread.)

   Fixed bug that caused the Pronunciation language drop down box to be truncated.

Resource Panel
   Fixed crash when clicking link §29 in LLS:LRNBIBHEB. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug that caused the Community Tags to not be shown in the resource About panel. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug that caused Hebrew resources to not show the Ezra SIL and Ezra SIL SR Hebrew fonts. (See this thread.)

Search Panel Basic
   Fixed bug when clicking on the title in Basic search did not open the Resource. (See this thread.)

Sentence Diagrammer
   Fixed bug that caused the text font changes to not apply when clicking on selection text in ‘Text’ drop down menu.
   Highlighted text now shows changes right away, not after you click out of the text box.

Syntax Search
   Fixed crash that could occur when changing the search range after running a search. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Verbum

Program Settings
   The “Default Resource Font” option was missing on Verbum. It has been restored. (See this thread.)

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