Logos 5.2a SR-1

New Features

My Library
   The distinction between User/Community tags has been reworked in the tag editor: (See this thread.)

  • User tags are now separated from Community tags, with User tags at the top of the list.
  • If entered text matches an existing user tag, the existing tag will be listed first.
    • For example, this enables the workflow of typing “bib”, hitting Enter/Return, and getting your tag of “Bible”, rather than a community tag.

   Added the context menu option “Rename tag” when right-clicking a tag, so it is no longer required to delete & re-add a tag to change it or correct a typo. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes

   New Collections with no rule entered will no longer display your full Library when the collection is actually empty. (See this thread.)

My Library
   Newly discovered resources will now correctly have a blank Last Accessed date until they have actually been opened. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug that caused the tag editor to finish a tag when typing a colon. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

Bible Facts
   The Google icon displayed in the upper right corner of the Bible Facts (places) is no longer missing.

   Fixed issue when using Logos (English) in a Swedish OS which localized the Guide types. This caused the Guides to not appear when sorting by ‘Type’. (See this thread.)

   Fixed crash when docking floating windows with the Home Page open. (See this thread.)

Visual Filters
   Fixed bug that caused the option to delete a filter to be given only to the first item in a new Visual Filter Document. (See this thread.)

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