Logos 5.2a RC 1

Logos 5.2a RC 1 ( was released on March 18, 2014.

Bug Fixes for Windows

My Library
   Added more contrast to the Library column title text. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug which caused the columns to be incorrectly aligned after resizing the column width.

Bug Fixed for Mac

   Fixed bug that prevented selecting and moving text within the body of the document. (See this thread.)

   Fixed bug which would cause the “Crash Report” dialog to appear on startup. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug that caused the hyperlinks in column rows to not truncate and overlap to the next column, such as in the Search Analysis view.

My Library
   Fixed bug that caused the info pane to show “Logos Edition” instead of “User Created” for Personal Books. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
   Fixed crash when clicking on the info button in a resource then clicking done and clicking on the info button again. (See this thread.)

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