Logos 5.2a Beta 6

Logos 5.2a Beta 6 ( was released on March 11, 2014.

Bug Fixes

   The Collections view will no longer refresh when adding/changing tags in Library panels. If the edited resource is open in Collections, only that row will update. (See this thread.)

   Renamed results to be labeled ‘Sermons’ instead of ‘Articles’ in the Sermons section of the Sermon Starter and Passage Guide. (See this thread.)

My Library
   Sorting by the Edition column will now be labeled and grouped correctly, and items will no longer appear in multiple groups. (See this thread.)

Personal Book Builder
   Improved the performance of rebuilding personal books with a lot of articles.

Bug Fixes on Windows

   Added keyboard interface for Library Details columns and for the Reverse Interlinear Ribbon.

My Library
   Fixed bug that would cause a blank area and resources not to be completely shown in Details view.(See this thread.)
   Fixed bug which caused the Library panel to flicker rapidly after expanding the group where the tag was previously removed. (See this thread.)

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