Logos 5.2a Beta 5

Logos 5.2a Beta 5 ( was released on February 26, 2014.

New Features

My Library
   The Prioritize button is now implemented as a toggle, and the word “Browse” has been removed. (See this thread.)
   Changed the side-by-side Library view icons to use a drop down menu instead. (See this thread and this thread.)

Bug Fixes

   Fixed Collections flickering when items not in the current collection are tagged/updated in Library. (See this thread.)

My Library
   Fixed bug that did not save and apply a tag when clicking outside of the tag field. (See this thread.)
   Fixed misreporting of dates in “Last Accessed” and “Last Updated” due to these columns using server time rather than user local time. (See this thread.)

Search Analysis
   Fixed crash when sorting by “Lemma (Greek)”. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

My Library
   Fixed crash when opening Library using Cmd+L. (See this thread.)

Personal Book Builder
   Fixed bug when right-clicking on a Personal Book Body file did not give the ‘Delete’ option. (See this thread and this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Windows

   Fixed crash clicking the update hyperlink in the notification bar. (See this thread.)

My Library
   Fixed bug which caused the results from applying a filter in the Library to change when one of the resources is opened by dragging it from the results list to the top of the same tile. (See this thread.)
   Columns no longer have a fixed maximum width. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug which caused the Library window to be blank without a scrollbar while viewing resources. (See this thread.)
   Extra blank space in the Library menu bar is now used up when resizing the panel before shrinking the Find box. (See this thread.)
   Resources will now open when dragged to a panel from any column, not just the Title column. (See this thread.)
   With multiple resources selected, the Hide option correctly shows “Hide these resources”. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug which caused Editing a tag clears the item in info pane after index is updated. (See this thread.)

Prayer List
   Prayers with very long Notes and Answer fields will now display much more text and truncate properly when hovering. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
   Fixed crash when navigating to a resource pressing the right and left arrow keys. (See this thread.)
   Fixed bug that caused the Edit hyperlink to overlap tags. (See this thread and this thread.)

Read Aloud
   Fixed potential crash when changing chapters while reading the LEB aloud. (See this thread.)

   After downloading and installing the Ezra SIL and Ezra SIL SR fonts, Logos will recognize them as Hebrew. (See this thread.)

Known Issues

Known Issues for Windows

My Library
   Using the “Rename tag on all resources” will successfully rename all tags, but will not refresh the Library view if no filter is entered. Refreshing the view (re-sorting, etc.) will show the updated tags, and this will be fixed in a later release.

Known Issues for Mac

My Library
   While typing a tag, the suggestion box will attempt to load its list of data, which can occasionally cause characters to be lost while typing at certain speeds. This will be fixed in a later release.
   There are issues with right-clicking on tags while editing another tag. Until these are fixed, it’s recommended you finish editing one tag before right-clicking another.

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