Logos 5.2a Beta 2

Logos 5.2a Beta 2 ( was released on January 8, 2014.

New Features

My Library
   Added “Last Accessed” and “Most Used” columns to the Library Details view. They show the last date a resource was opened and order your resources by most frequently used, respectively.
   Added right-click options to tags: “Find resources with this tag”, “Delete”, and “Clear tags”.
   Tags are now hyperlinked, and will filter the Library for resources with that tag when clicked. Clicking a tag in the Resource Panel Info pane will open the Library with that filter.
   Added a new setting in the General section “Show Information Tool Tips”. Changing the setting to ‘No’ will disable all word-information tooltips.

Bug Fixes

Bible Facts
   Fixed issue where places searched in Bible Facts may not have been labeled on maps of that location. (Example: Adana)
   Fixed issue where a Guide could not be run after opening it from the menu.
My Library
   Hover tips will now be displayed when the mouse is over the whole row of a resource, rather than just the title. (See this thread.)
   The “Last Updated” and “Last Accessed” columns show the days (e.g., “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Sunday”, etc.).
   Fixed citation titles when adding Notes from resources with a Bibliographic Index. (See this thread.)
Personal Book Builder
   Compiling a doc with a hyperlink in a Heading will now respect the proper font size of the heading style. (See this thread.)
Search Panel Basic
   Basic search should now properly report the number of hits in footnotes, rather than the number of footnotes with hits. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

Graph Bible Results
   Removed the extra ‘in’ that was being displayed at the end of the Column Chart graph title.

Media Resources
   Fixed the truncated speaker icon in audio resources.

My Library
   Fixed potential crash when adding a tag to resources. (See this thread.)
   When filtering resources in the Details view, the Rank column appears and disappears correctly when the filter text is cleared.
   Fixed crash when editing tag. (See this thread.)

   Clicking out of the Content or Title boxes will collapse the Note.
   Fixed bug where the Notes toolbar formatting was wrongly applied to existing notes. (See this thread.)

Passage Lists
   Fixed issue where right-clicking on the passage to delete it would not select the passage the first time. (See this thread.)

Personal Book Builder
   Long titles entered in the field boxes will now be seen after the visible box. (See this thread.)

   Fixed crash when selecting “Fit to page” in LLS:OPENTEXTGRAPH.

Resource Panel
   Resource right-click context menu is no longer missing. (See this thread and this thread.)
   The ‘All Parallel Resources” drop down menu is no longer empty. (See this thread.)

   After clicking Search from the Syntax Search Document, the floating window now moves behind the main window of the application.

Bug Fixes for Windows

    Deleting an open guide from the Guides menu will now delete the guide and the deleted guide will no longer reappear in the Guides menu.

   Clicking on the arrow in Tile View will now highlight the selected resource.
   Fixed issue where the rating was showing on star less in the Details view list than in the info pane. (See this thread, this thread and this thread.)
   When applying a rating to a resource in the info pane in Details view, the rating is shown in the list without having to close and open the Library again.
   Record selection is preserved across view changes.

Resource Panel
   Now displays the suggestion drop down when tagging from the Info pane. (See this thread.)

Search Panel
   Search box no longer truncates entry at large default text sizes. (See this thread.)

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