Logos 5.2a Beta 1

Logos 5.2a Beta 1 ( was released on December 18, 2013.

New Features

My Library
   Added the ability to sort by multiple columns, such as My Tags and Community Tags. Click the first header, then Shift+Click to include more groupings.
   Implemented the new Cover View, which focuses on looking through the Library by book cover. It is similar to Vyrso’s cover view and this suggestion.
   In Details view, added right-click menu options for groupings (Collapse/Expand for single item, level, and all).
   The Library view toggle button on Windows has been converted into a list of views: Cover, Tile and Details view.
   When adding tags to resources, common tags will now be suggested as you type. Existing user tags will be in bold.

Sermon Starter Guide
   The Sermon Starter Guide can now be added to a link set, and will follow any preaching themes or Bible references in linked panels.

   If the program crashes due to a corrupt database file, it will be automatically replaced when restarting Logos. This should automate a common troubleshooting step.

Topic Guide
   The Topic Guide can now be added to a link set, and will follow along with any concept references in linked panels.

Bug Fixes

Bible Facts
   Right-clicking the top section of Bible Facts now gives the option to “Copy” to match functionality of other sections that have headers.

Context Menu
   Right-clicking on Preaching Theme text in LLS:300QUOTPREACHERS will display the preaching themes in the context menu with a link to the Sermon Starter Guide.

   Opening a document (without modifying it) should no longer set its date to “Today”. (See this thread.)

   For users with the Catholic Topical Index resource unlocked, the “Catholic Topical Index” section of Guides will now be available to add, but not included by default. (See this thread.)

Home Page
   Typing “John 1:1” in the Go box, the topic “Demetrius (3 Jn. 1:12)” no longer outranks the exact reference match “John 1:1”. (See this thread.)

   References entered into a note will turn into an active hyperlink, such as Genesis 1:1 or Ps 1.1.(See this thread.)
   The rich text icon for ‘Bold’ in the Swedish UI has been changed to ‘F’ for ‘Fet’.

My Library
   Fixed a bug which caused entries to be missing in the Details view of the Library. (See this thread.)
   The ‘Devices’ column will maintain its position/visibility after restart. (See this thread.)

Personal Book Builder
   Fixed issue which could cause the font size for numbered lists to change when compiled in PBB. (See this thread.)
   Removed an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar that appeared when adding multiple files to a Personal Book. (See this thread.)

Prayer List
   New prayer lists will open to a blank prayer with the cursor focus in the Content box.

Resource Panel
   Added an extra tick to the font slider for 360% base font size, primarily for projecting Logos to large groups.

Search Panel Morph
   Results are generated when saving Passage List for the Morph Search in LLS:8.20.7.

Sentence Diagram
   Fixed crash after opening old Sentence Diagram documents caused by shape x,y resize points being reversed.

Text Comparison
   Fixed crash associated with Text Comparison in resource Plut., Regum 72.6. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Mac

Bible Sense Lexicon
   “Copy” option has been added to the the Definition section right-click context menu. (See this thread.)

   Fixed bug when clicking on background of Favorites panel would open the last selected item.

Graph Bible Results
   The ‘working’ indicator when generating a Bible results graph now appears correctly on Mac. (See this thread.)
   The legend and divider lines update correctly in the Bar and Column Chart graphs when resizing the window.

Home Page
   Reading Plan next reading day is bolded in the left panel of the home page.

LLS Resources
   Combining marks are displayed correctly, not too high in Syriac text. (See this thread.)
   Syriac baseline is even in LLS:SYRCPCLYPSDNLNT. (See this thread.)

   Fixed an issue which could cause a crash on quit related to waking the computer from sleep. (See this thread.)
   Fixed crashes associated with clicking links in Lexham Bible Guides. (See this thread.)

   ‘Title’ text is displayed in Full and Compact View when adding a note.

My Library
   The “from this resource” option in Set Prioritization Limits will no longer be vertically truncated at large font sizes. (See this thread.)
   Resource information popups respect the font slider size setting. (See this thread.)
   Focus on the Find box is no longer missing when returning to library window.

Personal Book Builder
   The Description text box when adding a personal book is no longer missing a right border at some resolutions.

Resource Panel
   Fixed crash when clicking on hyperlink “Use of Writing in Israel” in LLS:BI101HEISER.

Search Analysis
   The rows no longer overlap when displaying the Bible Search results in Analysis View. (See this thread.)

Search Panel Morph
   Morph field labels are now hyperlinked and display the definition hover tips.

Sentence Diagrammer
   Fixed issue where the Line Style button arrow could show the wrong state for its window being open/closed.

   The text in the popup when hovering over the “?” icon in Program Settings will now respect the font slider. (See this thread.)

Bug Fixes for Windows

   Resource is highlighted when selected in the Library panel Details view. (See this thread.)

   The box around Clippings will now adapt correctly to the font size. (See this thread.)

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