Logos 5.2 SR-2

Logos 5.2 SR-2 ( was released on November 25, 2013.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study
   Fixed crash when running a word study for “see” caused by a hit for LCV concept but a null headword. (See this thread.)

Media Resources
   Video download progress will now be displayed via a buffer indicator.
   When skipping to different parts of a video resource, the progress indicator should no longer jump back to 0:00 temporarily.

   Scripture references will once again automatically hyperlink in Notes documents. (See this thread and this thread.)

Topic Guide
   Fixed crash from certain Topic Guide searches, for example “Old and New Man” will no longer cause a crash.

Bug Fixes for Mac

Read Aloud
   The narrators menu will now show when there are 1 or more non-system narrators, and it will remain hidden if the only narrator available is the system narrator.

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