Logos 5.2 RC 1

Logos 5.2 RC 1 ( was released on November 6, 2013.

Bug Fixes

Bible Sense Lexicon
   Fixed potential crash searching Bible Sense Lexicon when Bible Knowledge Base resources are not correctly loaded.

   Page numbers are applied consistently to citations in the Bibliography. (See this thread.)

Context Menu
   Passage list document is no longer created when adding a passage to the Clippings document that contains Bible references. (See this thread.)

   Fixed issue where Active Layout is lost when restarting program. (See this thread.)

   Clicking the speaker icon for the LEB Audio resource in Collections will now open and play the resource as expected.

LLS Resources
   “Unparsed reference: popup.pos” errors are no longer appearing in the Logos.log file.(See this thread.)

   Fixed a regression in the differentiation between bibles and non-bibles when determining where new panels should be placed. (See this thread.)

New Tab Panel
   Hovering over Guides will now correctly show a description popup.
   Dragging Guides from New Tab panel into a new panel opens the selected Guide rather than opening to a blank Guide template.

   Copying a selection from a resource and pasting into Notes automatically creates a hyperlink to the resource. (See this thread.)

Resource Panel
   Using “Save as Passage List” from the Cross References section of Passage Guides will now correctly open in the same panel as the PG.
   Extending a selection after right-click is no longer broken. (See this thread.)

Reverse Interlinear
   Fixed crash when opening to an Old Testament reference with the reverse interlinear ribbon turned on. (See this thread and this thread.)

Search Panel Morph
   Morph field label ‘Tense’ changed to ‘TAM’ which stands for Tense, Aspect and Mood.
   Morph field label ‘Mood’ changed to ‘Yiqtōl Volitives’ in Hebrew and ‘Yiḵtuḇ Volitives’ in Aramaic.

   Fixed bug where Logos was launched with low priority from Indexer. (See this thread.)

Topic Guide
   Added a link to the Sermon Starter Guide to the Definition section of the Topic Guide.

Bug Fixes for Mac

   Clicking the speaker icon to play LEB Audio from the Library will now close the floating Library window when the resource is opened.
   Long entries in the “Set User Series” box for a group of resources will now expand the box to fit, rather than truncate the text. (See this thread.)

Media Resources
   The volume and fullscreen buttons in media resources are no longer truncated.

New Tab Panel
   Added the missing Font Slider to the New Tab Panel. Note: this is not intended to increase the size of icons.
   Icons for Tools and Guides will no longer be “blown up” in size in the Most Used section of the New Tab panel.

Prayer List
   The answer to a prayer in the Prayer List is now saved if you click outside the form.

Bug Fixes for Windows

   Fixed placement issue where Program Settings, Resource Collections, and Personal Book Builder would open in inconsistent locations. They now default to the left panel. (See this thread.)

   Fixed issue where in Notes, citations of resources with Hebrew characters in the title were being displayed using right-to-left text direction.

Prayer List
   The date will only be shown in shared Prayer List documents.

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